Don't Get Your Ass Chewed

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Disobedient 5 Points

Get your ass chewed on.

Zombie Killer 10 Points

Kill 25 zombies in one round.

David 25 Points

Beat the Goliath level.

Zombie Hunter 25 Points

Kill 75 zombies in one round.

Determined 50 Points

Beat the Turtle level.

Playing With Fire 50 Points

Kill 25 zombies on the Olympian level.

Zombie Thrasher 50 Points

Kill over 100 zombies in Arcade mode.

Chewer of Zombie Asses 100 Points

Kill 125 zombies in Arcade mode.

Tallahassee 100 Points

Beat the Campaign.

Author Comments

This is a small game I made in my free time that's actually an engine for an SRPG I want to make someday.

All medals are now fixed.
By the way, Abnf got his score in testing before things were finalized. Although it is possible to beat his score, if you're patient enough.

If you want to download this game to your PSP, along with over a hundred others, go to this link and follow the video's instructions:

Should this game get a sequel, players can expect...
- Cooperative and competitive multiplayer
- Party battles
- Terrain that impedes movement
- Destructible cover
- Explodable gas tanks
- Weapons with stopping power
- Enemies that shoot back
- Larger arenas


The idea is really original, and not only that, the music makes it sound awesome! It's a really good game.

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I actually put it on your PSP the last time we hung out, so you can play it whenever you want. Just be prepared for a bit of lag.

Incredibly fun, but painfully basic. Try enhancing the visuals a bit, and this has some definite potential!
Loved it!

Kwing responds:

I felt like the graphics looked best this way, given the context. If I make another version, I may try going for an isometric view, which would allow me to crank the graphics up a couple notches. As it is, I don't feel like the graphics can be improved much. Even Stick Arena, which was made by and is maintained by a team of people, uses black blobs as graphics.

Phenomenal game. The soundtrack fit perfectly, the graphics were bland, yet fitting. I felt like a total badass running around with a revolver, and I quickly learned that sniper rifles don't kill all noobz0rz. It has a definite learning curve, and you really pulled off the turn based shooter, which is something I've never seen before. The levels were nicely designed, not just "more zombiez equals harder". The imp levels require mobility, the goliath level really made me feel I was fighting a tank. If I get bored with campaign, I jump to arcade mode. It's a stepping stone, but you set the bar pretty damn high. Kudos my friend.

Kwing responds:

Wow, thank you for the kind words!! :)

EDIT: I recently heard of a game called Valkyria Chronicles. It's basically this game but better. Damn those developers, stealing my ideas...

Not bas at all but, huh, medals don't work.

Kwing responds:

Funny, they work for everyone else. Update your Flash player, try changing browsers, refresh the page, clear your cache and/or cookies, and check your internet connection. If your connection spazzes at the moment you unlock a medal, the request won't go through.

fun little time-passer thats easy to relieve stress 3.5 stars from me due to not being able to aim after clicking & bad graphics

Kwing responds:

That's sort of the point, that you aim and then fire, and let what happens happen.

Also, I thought about upping the graphics, but as a top-down shooter, all you would have seen is hair. The zombies wouldn't even have looked like zombies!

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Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2012
12:14 AM EDT
Strategy - Other