Minecraft: Too Much Power

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I made a little trailer for an epic movie I had started working on, I'm not sure if I'll actually finish it though. I just wanted something fun to animate for a while, so I hope you enjoyed this animation! Also, please Subscribe for more upcoming animations.

I hope you guys like the animation. I was inspired by The Noob Adventures, after I had seen their series, it made me want to make a Minecraft animation!

I worked REALLY hard on the animation, this was really a huge step for me to take, I did a lot of stuff in this animation that I had never done before. I know some of you may not like this animation because of the TNA style I used in it. So I am sorry if I offend you!

Minecraft server:
Join if you like.

City of the Fallen - The Sixth Day

EDIT: Front page and daily 3rd! Thank you all for supporting me, and telling me how much you all love my animation. Thank you!


great animation.
i think author got idea from noob adventures.
P.S. Can you give me in PM link to music

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CooliSushi responds:

Music is in the description.

The two guys he talked to before he gone mad remembered me to Fart and Snake from the Three noob adventures. Even more when 3 men where standing in the door at the end, so I think that this would be Snake, Fart, and Noobly.
Herobrine also appeared in TNA. The Crazyness remembered me to GaylordSteambath.
Is there any connection between these to flash movies?

Remove his Op status! REMOVE HIS OP STATUS! /gamemode 0

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Is it weird that the king resembles a little like Chuck Norris?

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notch and herobriens dead cousin...... DEMONBRIEN.

also i cant wait for this to actualyl be a movie... (psst.. make this a move)

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Apr 16, 2012
11:38 PM EDT