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Ichigo vs. Sasuke Trailer

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Well since some of you said it was really short, crappy, and not really much detail I decided to make a second version. I will take my time now and take some of your opinions. So maybe this will be my first real big hit.


too short i thought they would fight!!!

\/ what he said... also don't do voice overs and different dialog... that can get a little confusing for the watcher... simple is better in most cases

I'm going to give this an even, neutral score. Five stars, because, with just this short little piece, I really have no idea, how good the actual fight is going to be. This is a good beginning, but this is, not a trailer. I would reccomend, for your enxt, trailer. Add, in some of the action scenes, then that gives something to hook your potential audience. You need, to give the view, something to ,ook foreward to. You should tease their interests, just ehough, so that they are waiting for the actual video.

TheLightning responds:

It's been 2 years, sorry if you actually wanted to see this to completion, but I lost flash ages ago and did other things.

that was more like an animated gif than a flash movie. I know it's supposed to be just a trailer but still. Even trailers show more than to people standing there, and the sprites are really choppy too. The dialogue was crap too. It didn't make any sense and they didn't even seem to both be having the same conversation. I hope the real thing is a little better made than this. You get one star for putting in a preloader and a halfway decent picture.

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1.93 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2012
10:21 PM EDT