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Solve as many operations as you can before the time runs out!
The countdown is only 10 seconds, but you get a little time bonus for each right answer.
Solve 10 operations in a row to restart the countdown.

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Very fun math game I loved it a lot just should have onscreen numpad and maybe medals?

Awesome :D but very pressure intensive, I found it most challenging to type the numbers lol, not used to using my numpad. Also actually finding myself struggling with 2 + 2 gave me a laugh, so bad under pressure.

Sometimes the levels would be really easy, even 8 and 9 but two or three really hard numbers would come up and I would have only 3-4 seconds to complete them and would lose :P. Still really great.
I think more games like that should be played by kids that are between 8 and 12. Most people now always use calculators and can't do mental calculation at all. Simple but good game. I made it to A after 6-7 tries, got lucky with random numbers :P.

This is an awesome game. Perhaps arithemtic is one of my strong suits so I'm biased towards such a thing (you tend to like things you're good at, right? :P). I'm able to consistently get to level 8/9 and an A-rank, but I wonder if there's a God rank beyond that.

As for the game design... it's very well executed. Fast paced, simple concept, yet with enough details to make the game not boring -- the "reset timer with 10 consecutive right answers" is especially rewarding. And I'm most impressed by the fact that you could lay out all those details on the screen in an apparent yet non-distracting way.

So, thanks for making this. I will come back and play it again whenever I need a pick-me-up or something.

eidosk responds:

Hi gadogry,
thanks very much for your long review!
A-rank is pretty hard to get, so well done!
There is an A+ rank, but I never got it eheh.. so you might be the first to do so.
All you need to do is solve more than 150 operations! good luck & enjoy

So frustrating (in a good way)!

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4.72 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2012
4:14 PM EDT
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