Ichigo Bankai Test

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A test to well test with some stuff in Flash.


It's not awful but it's not great either. For me the worst parts were when ichigo's mouth was moving and then stopped before his speech came on. And, when he activated bonkai the screen blinked a couple of different colors, yeah that didn't add as much quality as you intended. that scene might have been better if ichigo turned all white, and then the stage or background changed colors around him.

you can play with colors for any movie clip instance if add an "adjust color" filter to the "filters" section of the properties window(ctrl-F3).

Also you asked about sound effects, and although I haven't found any anime sounds there I like, www.findsounds.com
not saying they're great, but it's where I go.

good for a first time

I understand it was a test, but the sound effects were off key.
nothing more to really critique here.

To let you know right now, this is a clip, not a game. And i soundes a bit choppy, not to mention it sounds like you borowed it from Dragon Ball Z, instead of bleach. I say you should try again.

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TheLightning responds:

Well I don't know any good websites with bleach SFX or any SFX if you know any please put it in a response.

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Apr 15, 2012
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