Robocop Jumpstreet

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Testing out mikes awesome swf converter .
This file was originally 320x240 I believe, and the converter scaled it up nicely. infact its the only converter that has done so with no artifacting.

Oh for those who havent seen this, its a short skit about robocop attempting to go undercover.It was originally part of the bitesize window animations from the last redesign, but that has since been removed. So there was no other way to see this skit on NG but to re-upload it separately, besides, I figured since there was already a shitty remake of 21jumpstreet, and a shitty remake of robocop in the works, why not give this an upgrade.

voiced by Mister Stamper

If it doesnt play, just watch it on youtube, then come back and vote :3

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=dw9rcQrEb6c&list


MindChamber, that movie just became a real treat to view and watch after Newgrounds praised it and placed it on the front page with other videos.

Additionally, I was impressed by your hard work on creating this video about a parody of RoboCop.

Keep up with the good work!

robo cop is better is a thug not as a cop

I remember this from a long time ago :D

A real treat to watch back when Newgrounds had those shot mini-videos on the front page.
I missed that layout redesign.

Stamper is just a master of voices isn't he? A real Mel Blanc.

*hey fellas, Stamper also does the lady voices in the Hentai(s) that you masturbate to.


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MindChamber responds:


The funny thing is that I remember seeing this. I guess it must have been on the "Bytesize" cartoon, but it doesn't ring a bell there. I think I saw it on your website. Personally, I'm not that big a fan of it, because it doesn't seem to do much for me. I will admit that the animation is still fantastic and the voices fit the characters so much. It's nice that something that was so short had numerous people work on it.

It's funny to see the drug dealers not care about Robocop. I should have been expecting a middle finger to show up in this. It's fairly short, so it doesn't really do that much on its own. Maybe you could have submitted it as part of a collection of old projects or stuff you never finished? It seems more like a commercial.

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Apr 15, 2012
7:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody