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FrogMan the Series Episode 4

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EDIT: 5-25-14 I have uploaded a video version as well, so now, if anyone even cares, this should now be able to be viewed on a mobile device. The video version isn't the best quality 'cause I don't have the source files any more, but it's the same version taht's up on youtube! I have also fixed the errors in this description.

Finally, episode four makes it to newgrounds. I have no clue why I waited so long to upload this, maybe I'm just lazy. This episode is kinda meh to me, so it's not really worth the wait... there's no subplot, but it's still a decent length.


Title: The Hero/Villain Race

Run Time: 7:24

Original Air Date: 5/22/11

Description: The Terrible Toad Comes up with a scheme to get revenge on FrogMan. Meanwhile, Wise Frog get's arrested... again.

This is the last of the old crap episodes, episode five has been in production since June of 2011, and hopefully (now that I have a mouse again) I can finally be done with it soon.

Well, enjoy, and feedback is welcome, since I'm still working on these, I would like to hear your input.

Oh yeah, and there's a scene after the credits, so don't leave as soon as the credits show up. Why after the credits? Cause I like doing that, some shows do it, and after the credits is a fitting place for that scene, like sometimes there's a scene before the opening credits.... Whatever, enjoy.

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There's also a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FrogManTheSeries

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This was funny.

I found the animation to be decent. I feel you can improve in time with more practice. I noticed one part that stood out was when the cop was arresting the old frog after the race. It stood out because of the lines that kept appearing above the wall for no reason. Was this an animation error you were unable to fix? Or did you just do that on accident?

I also noticed that most of the story line was well written and humorous, at least to me anyways. The fact that the characters kept breaking the fourth wall and episode three played a part in this episode was good. I found it funny how the race was just a revenge plot for Cerebral (spelled it correctly?) on Frogman for not being in the previous episode.

The audio was good. However, I feel the voice actor and yourself (if you did do voices) could have been better. Finding a quiet place to record would have helped. Making a Noise Profile in Audacity when recording helps a lot in that it filters out almost any background sound that could be picked up on mic and gives a cleaner sounding voice.

Overall, aside from the slight voice issues and the lines when the old frog and cop were on scene, the rest of this turned out to be pretty good.

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artistunknown responds:

I think I've improved quite a bit since this, it is almost 3 years old after all, heh. I felt there was always a gradual improvement between episodes of FMTS, and there is quite a bit of improvement between this episode and the next, and then there's even more improvement between episode 5 and 6, but alas, episode 6 hasn't been worked on for almost a year now :/ I might continue the series some day, but I always seem to run into technical things that completely halt production. Episode 5 was in production for almost a year because of my computer dying.
Anways, I never noticed those lines, though now I do. That's probably an error that happened because I converted a video to a flash, and that's never a good thing to do, but it was the only way I could get this up on newgrounds at the time.
I always try to make the storylines as humorous and engaging as they can be before I consider the script finished. And I like fourth wall jokes; there will be a lot more of them throughout the series. And since it's a series, I find it necessary that episodes need to have a flowing structure. There is always the bigger storyarch, even if the plot in one episode is completely irrelevant, I'll still try to make reference to the previous episode or past episodes. I'm glad you found the race just being a revenge plot funny. I always tried to make the villains' schemes be really lame, but overly complicated. And his name is (the) Terrible Toad, though it does kinda sound like Cerebral, lol. Their names are kinda lame because I'm using characters I made when I was 9. Lots of fun to be had with them though.
Yeah, I do the majority of the voices (usually). I think we got a little better this episode, and if I remember correctly we actually tried with the voice acting in episode 5. We weren't really the best back then, but we've gotten pretty good now. We actually did turn a room in my house into a sound studio, just for this episode. I don't know why the audio ended up how it did, probably a mix of bad export settings from flash and then the video to flash conversion. Audio quality is a lot better in episode 5 though.
Thank you for the review, I really appreciate it. It kinda makes me want to continue the series when I have time. I always hated this episode for some reason, but I'm starting to like it more and more when people talk about it or I rewatch it.
Again, thanks for the review, and I hope you'll be reviewing episode 5 as well. It's definitely a lot better than this one, in all aspects of the animation.


I see an improvement in the animation, most notably the use of shading and shadowing. Or maybe that was always there, I just didn't pay attention. I see the characters are more mobile, as well.

I also enjoyed the humor in here, I already enjoyed it much more in the first two minutes than i enjoy lots of flashes.

The racecar exploding in the beginning kinda reminds me of that one Simpsons episode. :) Also, I'd suggest more background noises during the race, with no background noises, the race track feels practically empty.

Also, in Flash, you may already know this, but I suggest motion tweening for the race cars.

A minor problem I had with this is that I felt more time needed to be devoted to setting up the plot - it all happened kinda fast.

I actually kinda enjoyed this one. 4/5

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, the animation and art quality did improve a lot. Shading was not present in previous episodes, this episode was the first one professionally done (using my sound studio and pro mics for recording, plus it was entirely made in flash, and in HD too) so I decided to go a little special on the art, but some things still look a little bad, cause I'm still trying to define my style. A lot of the scenery in ep five is better (plus I actually start using filters, so there's some visual effects). Yeah, mobile characters was always a problem, not sure how well I've improved since then... probably not by much.
I enjoy my humor too, heh. Not sure how much time went into writing this one, but since it only has one plot, yeah... But the jokes were worth it.
Hmm, which episode is that? I haven't seen a lot of them, so I wouldn't know, but yeah, I thought it would be funny to have a car explode, and since that character isn't important, yeah.
Yeah, background noise would be nice, can't remember if I have that much more in ep five, but there's definitely a lot more stuff happening in the background, I'll make note of it when my editor is handling sound fx.
Yeah, I don't use tweens to often, I like doing everything myself, heh. Plus, since these also go on youtube, I can't really have movie clips, and tweens, I've tried it before, and from what I've seen, it doesn't work in video format.
Well, this was building up for a while, but yeah, it did kinda happen fast, plus there wasn't really a subplot, I think that that would have helped this episode a lot, but yeah, couldn't think of one at the time.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Hopefully episode five will be up within the week, that one will be better.
Thanks for the review.