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Dark Night Sky

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10K 10 Points

Begin a wave with 10.000 points

50K 10 Points

Begin a wave with 50.000 points

5K 10 Points

Begin a wave with 5.000 points

Beginner 10 Points

Reach the 5th wave

Advanced 25 Points

Reach the 10th wave

Master 25 Points

Reach the 15th wave

Planet Saver 25 Points

Survive the mission mode

100K 50 Points

Begin a wave with 100.000 points

250K 50 Points

Begin a wave with 250.000 points

Researcher 50 Points

Unlock all Ufo data

500K 100 Points

Begin a wave with 500.000 points

750K 100 Points

Win the game with 750.000 points

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Update 18.04.12:
- Tutorial is now skipable with the Space key.
- New balancing (Game is easier now), look at the difficulty page for more information.
- Changed the begining hull from 5 -> 10
- Visual button feedback added
- Strategy guide added (Youtube video for the easy mode)

-- Hint: The real challenge begins at wave 7, before that, upgrade your base wisely. Have fun! --

Press P to pause the game.
+ & - increase / descrease your volume.
0 mutes your sound.
Aim and shoot with the mouse.

In the far future, earth was destroyed by an asteroid. It is up to you and the last spaceship to colonize a planet by surviving 15 days of alien attacks until the planet is terraformed.

Upgrade your weapons and hull, after every wave and survive as long as you can until the planet you have chosen is terraformed and you win the game.

Spend only an essential amount of money for your upgrades and don't let your biodomes get destroyed.

Be the first one, who stays at the first place on the highscore.


The tutorial part is too slow to be honest, it feels like it takes forever when I cant "skip" to the next part (specially the part where it is only text anyway) a button to skip to the next part would have been nice. But the tutorial itself are helpfull enough for a new player, maybe a explaination about the 3 different weapons would have been nice aswell.

You could aswell added in the tutorial part that you are able to set difficulity(and add something to show what your current difficulity is) and see what the different ufos do in the options mode.

I even find the "easy" difficulity quite hard, the enemys are coming way to fast compared to my fire-rate (on any kind of weapon) wich made me fail at wave 4, but that might be because I am bad at this.

The game is playable, and for the more skilled they might enjoy it, but I think the difficulity need a small adjustment.

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satyre responds:

Tutorial is skipable by key pressing now.

The difficulty part was a bit hard for me to adjust, some player said that it is too easy, others say the opposite. One or two tries and you'll be able to handle the extreme one. It only depends on the upgrade combination. Try to concentrate on the demands first (1. firerate 2. ammo 3. power) Hope not to spoil too much ;)

Thanks for the review.

Slow loading, along with an annoying mochigames ad turned me off at first. Tutorial moves a bit slow and there are some grammar errors, but they were minor and didn't distract me from the game. Sound is just "eh." Protip: Make sure you level your weapons equally, a few waves in an you will be up to your ass in aliens.
All in all, it's an O.K game.

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satyre responds:

Tutorial is skipable by key pressing now.

Thanks for the review and tip :D

I really like the graphics. The game play is fun. I like the you give the user the option to choose how difficult they want the game to be. I found the tutorial to be too slow. Rather than having to wait for each bubble I think it'd be better if you set it up so that you could just click to continue to the next bubble. Or at least allow the user to exit the tutorial if it's too slow for them. I ended up refreshing the page so I could start the game. The game play is so straightforward that it wasn't a big deal at all.

The only reason this game isn't 5 stars is that the grammatical errors make it feel a bit on the unpolished side. If you got a writer/editor to proofread the text it would have been a 5.

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satyre responds:

Tutorial is skipable by key pressing now.

There is a home button on the right lower corner for the tutorial. I collected many reports that the tutorial is very slow. I will change it in the next update :)

Thanks for the really high rating and the suggestions.

I didn't like it so much. The shots are really slow, comparing to the aliens speed, and there is no balance between the aliens coming, because come so many at one time, then passes a lot of stopped.
The messages on tutorial are so slow, too.. And I'm a brazilian, understand less English.
But the music and the proposital were good, that's why I give 2 stars.

satyre responds:

Tutorial is skipable by key pressing now. It should be better understandable.

The shots are just slow at the beginning of the game. When you upgrade them to the max, you will like the machinegun feeling ;)

Thanks for the review.

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Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2012
2:04 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed