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Athenos is the astral entity of Knowledge, in one of his travels he finds a tribe of rare beings, called by him Hominods. Observing that they are fated to extinction, he decides to intervene, but could they appreciate the invaluable treasure that he will left in their hands? or may the ignorance become an unbreachable obstacle to their evolution?

This is the animated prologue of my title project "Chronicles of the forgotten world", it's an educative material, made as a reading incentive for kids.


Thanks Newgrounds for the third place trophy, and more yet to all the people that voted and commented my animation, i worked really hard on this one. I'm really glad to see that so many people understood the message that i was trying to tell with this animation. I'm really happy with the results. Thanks to all of you!


Weekly 2nd OMG

Thank you so much!


great, fantastic beautiful, ludicrous, and many more words!

the animation was very good and i understood the message perfectly they didnt understand the value of knowledge but once they eventually discovered how much value it can have and understood the persons message to them it sends a very good message as an educational video and its something that could capture peoples attention though it might give kids the idea that they can fly if they read books that might end bad still 5/5 :D

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I rated this Five out of Five. Human beings have been using stories like these all through out history to explain how things work. Religious or not, what matters is Understanding. You cannot underrate how such tribalistic material such as this has influenced how humans thought and adapted for several thousand years. All In all this was quite ritualistic to how people would teach their young the values of Education and how one should respect such things. thus why several roman and in many other cultures Scholars and Artists were often held in much much much higher terms than they are today.

Even without speaking, you have created a masterpiece among movies. This was inspiring, enlightening, and just plain amazing. Your prowess with both animation and a wonderful music score makes this one of the best things I have seen on Newgrounds in a long time... well done.

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I like people tell importan things in great stories likes this, so 5/5 stars and 5/5 vote.
And to all thouse people that have problem which loading, i just going to give some tips.
1). Have fully update Flashplayer or/and all other that have which Flash Media to do.
2). Try diffrent nettwork browsers.
3). Try right click in screen, hit the Play button or you can do following: 1.Forward 2.Rewind 3.Back 4.Play or Forward 5. Only if you hitted Forward on step 4. , you now hit Play.
4). Try ask a Super Computer Geek if none of thouse step worked. :)

And at last i just want to say have fun. :D

J Man out.

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Apr 15, 2012
11:12 AM EDT
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