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Knowledge is power

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Athenos is the astral entity of Knowledge, in one of his travels he finds a tribe of rare beings, called by him Hominods. Observing that they are fated to extinction, he decides to intervene, but could they appreciate the invaluable treasure that he will left in their hands? or may the ignorance become an unbreachable obstacle to their evolution?

This is the animated prologue of my title project "Chronicles of the forgotten world", it's an educative material, made as a reading incentive for kids.


Thanks Newgrounds for the third place trophy, and more yet to all the people that voted and commented my animation, i worked really hard on this one. I'm really glad to see that so many people understood the message that i was trying to tell with this animation. I'm really happy with the results. Thanks to all of you!


Weekly 2nd OMG

Thank you so much!


@snazzy u r missing the point this was not made to be a religious flash but an educational one i just hope any kids that r watching this get something out of it so one day they can take what they have learned growing up & hopefully use their accumulated knowledge to help make the world a better place & i think everyone regardless of your background can appreciate that impkid i hope u do make more kids need more stuff like this & an alternative to Dora the explorer i think your cartoon hits home alot better : )

Impkid responds:

Dude, i don't know how to thank your kind words. I'm so glad that the message was understood by so many people. That is totally what i was looking for with this proyect. Thank you!

This was most enjoyable, your animations are great!

Impkid responds:

Thank you, i really like yours too dude, i loved the monster hunter one, the movement of the dragon was awesome in many ways, greetings!

I...I have no words. Im awestruck. I was touched by this in such a way I feel like I wouldnt be able to describe in words. putting aside reviewing your amazing animation and storytelling skills, I want to mainly focus on how beautiful and noble an undertaking it is to produce work with such a great message, and for such a great purpose. The philosophical and anthropological concepts you bring to light with this are alone enough to talk for days on end about; I have never more wished I could sit down and chat over a beer with someone I may never meet...

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Impkid responds:

I'm touched really. Dude, i'm having a really hard time right now, two months ago i broke up with my first GF and i'm still dealing with the pain sometimes and wondering about how to go on and knowing more people. My friends say to me, "you just have to keep doing what you do, you are great at it" and of course that is what i'm doing since the first day... but sometimes, the worst times, i feel like is not enough , thank you so much for your comment! it makes me realize that someone COULD see beyond my work and have the intention of knowing me too... maybe a cute girl over there. There is so much people that i also would love to meet, Egoraptor, Harry Patridge , Adam philips.

I wish we can share a beer someday dude, who knows, i would like to travel to USA and so much other countries (including canada) and learn all about their culture and their people, and ANIMATION of course! dude, your comment made my day, i don't know how to thank YOU :D cya!

They abused knowledge. We abuse knowledge. Tragic.


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Apr 15, 2012
11:12 AM EDT
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