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In this harder than usual Point and click escape game you'll need to resurrect the Golem of Prague in order to get out of the museum complex.
The game has two different endings, depending on the course of action the player takes.

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not the best game that you guys have ever made but for sure one of the hardest ones.

Not crazy about this game. The puzzles were right the difficulty but running back and forth to library to keep translating...just tedious and aggravating. Most games let you carry around hints and clues for quick referral.

Great game. It took me a few hours to finish without the walkthrough but it was good. I wish it had more to it though.

Very good source material, something that has intrigued people for centuries. Playing the game fuels imagination.
Good job on using actual Gematria in a game.
Altrough I feel that the true potential of this source material was not tapped in this short game.

This game is harder then an average adventure game, but not by much.
The endings were predictable and dissapointing trough.
Also the game could have had a better intro story. What is the character doing locked in a museum? Why are letter papers scattered around? Are these letters unreproducable? Did he sneak in to create a Golem or was he simply trapped in a museum and created a Golem to get out? Could the protagonist not simply wait until museum opening hours to get out? A bit more of a story would be nice.

Generally I would rate this game by three stars for graphics,plot and gameplay, but I would give four for a little potential educational bonus in helping to learn Hebrew letters. The letter names were not included in game trough, so I will reduce score to 3.5.

most hard 'point and click' game that i ever solve without walktrough..
keep it up guyssss