Miss Kitty Sees You

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YES I KNOW THERE'S NO PLOT TO THIS. and YES I'll be working on SSSDC soon.

for higher quality go here http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=eXnJmh2VVyI&feature =youtu.be

This Is Miss Kitty (Or Miss Kajortoq, I must note she's not a cat, she's a fox, there is reasoning behind the nickname) who is very much a lady, that does lady-like things like singing wistfully to the moon while sitting on clifftops, for no adequately explained reason.

This plot-less, pretty nothing was born of necessity. That being the fact that I am testing out my new mic to see how it handles volume fluctuations. I really liked one of those takes for how not-pitchy it was (all be-it somewhat peaky in places) so I saved the thing. I found out on an earlier project where I had to animate something I wasn't to terribly good at drawing I got fairly good at it. So! I applied that logic to another thing that I suck at drawing (anthros) that I will eventually be needing to be able to draw for a Comic relating to Brother Swan (http://warlordofnoodles.
comicgenesis.com/) I'm proud of it, so there.


4/5 8/10. This was beautiful. And the plot was self evident. Don't open your descriptions by self deprecating like that. You are a wonderful animator, and a fantastic artist. The premise of this whole video was very beautiful, and deserves the good rating you got.

I cannot criticize the art, or the animation, as it was done wonderfully, and sucked me right in. However a note to the songstress. She needs to use her diaphragm more, and hit those notes with more confidence, you are a good singer, use your voice baby. Its clear you have a harder time with the lower ranges, so sing in a slightly higher range. The higher notes were beautiful, but like I said, have for confidence when you belt them.

Great art, animation, and vocals, I just wish the sound quality was a little better.

I liked this man. Pleasent song and voice to listen to. Non-complex but high-quality and satisfying animation. This was, to put it simply, refreshing. A couple minutes to just sit down, look at the moon with a sleek looking fox and chill out on a hill. Thanks for the experience.

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What a beautiful voice! Keep it up!

Different but in a good way.

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4.19 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2012
8:31 PM EDT