Miss Kitty Sees You

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YES I KNOW THERE'S NO PLOT TO THIS. and YES I'll be working on SSSDC soon.

for higher quality go here http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=eXnJmh2VVyI&feature =youtu.be

This Is Miss Kitty (Or Miss Kajortoq, I must note she's not a cat, she's a fox, there is reasoning behind the nickname) who is very much a lady, that does lady-like things like singing wistfully to the moon while sitting on clifftops, for no adequately explained reason.

This plot-less, pretty nothing was born of necessity. That being the fact that I am testing out my new mic to see how it handles volume fluctuations. I really liked one of those takes for how not-pitchy it was (all be-it somewhat peaky in places) so I saved the thing. I found out on an earlier project where I had to animate something I wasn't to terribly good at drawing I got fairly good at it. So! I applied that logic to another thing that I suck at drawing (anthros) that I will eventually be needing to be able to draw for a Comic relating to Brother Swan (http://warlordofnoodles.
comicgenesis.com/) I'm proud of it, so there.


Amazing voice. Good animation. Cute style. Normally I rate pretty harshly but you seem so self-conscious about the plotless thing and that doesn't matter at all. It's refreshing to see an original character in her own setting instead of video game humor here. Plus, I have a soft spot for G-rated furries.

The animation seemed decent and the audio was clear. The only thing that really needs any work is the background, however, this was very good for an animations used as a mic test.

Ah, wonderful. I'm a great fan of music from the 40's and 50's (I blame Fallout), and this took me back. As for the animation, well, the sound quality was better then the art (which, don't get me wrong, is good, but has some artistic issues), which has some issues with perspective as well as mouths (when you animate mouths, they should look like they're actually saying what is being said). Now, honestly, I'm not so much complaining about the anthropomorphic side (I don't mind that actually, but that adds issues you have to address), but that means you need to remember, you are drawing a canine character, so the face is much more 3 dimensional then a human face, and I'm afraid I'm just not seeing that. Now, mind you, I'm a born critic, and this is more then anything I could draw (hell, I can't even sing that good), but my point still stands. You have the stuff, just refine on perspective as well as anatomy, and you're gold.

4.5/5, you'll get that last .5 when you work on that :P

This work comes from a commercial animator of some note, and it shows. My only problem is the lack of normalizing the song's volume, so the first few lyrics are the roughly the same volume as the rest of the song.
I'd really like to see another one of these, and of a longer length.
Excellent animator and singer, that's some combo!

It was pretty cool and a fantastic animation! But i have one question,why does she hat fireflys?

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Apr 14, 2012
8:31 PM EDT