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The reason why it is short is that, it is my best flash animation.
It is only little so don't say "its tooooooo little, but I will make a bigger and
better one soon, I did start from scratch and moved on, I have been on flash
for about a few months, so take it easy on me.

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what happended

This is review is kinda long, you don't need to read all of it. at the very least, PLEASE read the last part/last paragraph.

As somebody who has been animating for three years now and has a lot of experience, I feel that I need to say something. I realize that you are probably 12, hence the "2000" in your username and that you went from Scratch to Flash.

first off, congratulations on converting. Scratch is an awful program, and Flash doesn't have the technical limitations or crappy community of Scratch.

Let's start then. The humor was bad. In fact, the humor of almost every Mario movie out there is bad. Okay, i see Mario does not even walk properly. It's not hard to make him walk properly. Google Mario sprites and just copy and paste sprites, that would look better.

back to the humor. okay so i THINK mario gets his head stuck in the logo? i might be wrong but you animated it so poorly, i can't tell at all. if that was the intention, slapstick humor is awful. really, it is. an over 9000 joke would've been better, tbh.

he goes back to where he used to be randomly... and then gets his head stuck, i think, again. yeah you don't to write "what!?" on the screen, i am sure the audience probably had that reaction by watching this poorly-done animation.

YOU PROBABLY DID NOT READ ALL OF THAT, AND THAT IS OKAY. What I am about to say is more important than anything I wrote there: I have seen SO MANY people who are about your age try to say how old they are to get higher scores. Don't do this. Either two things are going to happen: a bunch of people will give you high ratings and go "OMG YOU ARE SO GOOD FOR YOUR AGE!!!!" the other option is somebody would think you're arrogant. even if they DO shower you in praises, criticisms are always better because they help you IMPROVE.

I hope this helped and i am not trying to be mean, but only to help.

Just NO.

Well it is not so bad, I think you should prctice more. Keep going forward!

this is kinda shitty...

Thescratch2000 responds:

well how many vids or games have you put on, none.
This is my first time so don't swear, you are just as bad!

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Apr 14, 2012
5:08 AM EDT
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