food: a papermation

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so this took about 40 man hours, a load of technical issues, a $44 scanner, and 110 sheets of paper.

for a dumb joke <3


I promise to follow the moral of this story!

Horsenwelles responds:

that means your a good person. i dont care if you slaughter babies

Ah, paper is a beautiful medium and you do it some justice with this animation. The entrance walk was perhaps a little choppy for my liking, but i see our beloved MasterAardvark was an inspiration, and suspect the swifteness of your protaganists movements were intentional. Still, i feel a bit more inbetweening and some cushioning (or perhaps just better placed keyframes) could have given that entrance a bit more flow and continuity. The art was decent, though the square heads made me shudder at the thought of JordanDs hideous flashes. The concept was fun, well executed (lovely pacing) and had a satisfying punchline. Looking at the flash holisticly i must admit i enjoyed it and congratulate you on producing this fine piece of entertainment!

Horsenwelles responds:

the entrance walk had about 4 frames cut from it because of the way i had to convert this into a wmv and then reimport it to save space. in fact, there were quite a few lot frames because of hardware issues =(

lets just say it was ridiculous to produce this at all. i worked all day on my birthday to make this lol.

This deserves 5. Paper animation is fucking hard

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Horsenwelles responds:

no backlight, no budget besides BIRTHDAY MONEY, and everything went wrong in production. thanks for recognizing that bud =)

Good job man!
It looks great :D Wasn't a complete waste of time was it?

Horsenwelles responds:

not if eating continues

...but i'm gonna be DEAD!!!

Horsenwelles responds:


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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2012
12:08 AM EDT
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