the 3 hour game

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While designing our new game I found my self with some time and didnt really know what to do with it. So i decided to scrap our current project and work on this masterpeice. In 3 hours the game was done and there was much rejoycing. Hope you enjoy ;)
A for Jump
S for Attack


Wow, you had the audacity to say my voice acting stuff was crap. I make my submissions in an hour, so don't go all smug and say 'well I made this in 3 hours'. This should of been blammed the second it entered the portal. This took no talent, is a waste of time, and speaking critically, it doesn't have any factors or attributes that I would consider as redeeming factors. This isn't me being bitter, this is my actual critique. This is terrible. You couldn't even be arsed to put in a 'replay' button at the end.

What a spectacular piece of art, a true masterpiece. The visual effects are outstanding and the plot and storyline is superb. A game that will last through the ages, indeed.

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This game is a work of pure genious. While modern games go for high-end graphics and incredible effects, The 3 Hour Game jumps straight into the intense action as a mysterious and unconventional hero races through the city avoiding horrifying enemies who attempt to steal his life-force. The simplicity of the design is perfect, and the game forces the hero to continue battling against a relentless barrage of clones who will eventually take him down no matter how long he survives. People, think of this not as The 3 Hour Game. Think of it as a comment on life, survival, and the inevitability of eventual defeat.

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rollies responds:

I like you.. you seem very wise. You have much ahead of you!

Intresteting.... does it end? Also it was made in 3 hours

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rollies responds:

Well basically the story goes... the artist on my new game was working on a sprite that was taking him a long time (3 hours exactly) and I was waiting for him to finish so in the mean time I made this game for a laugh. Im really not an artist so all the shit drawings are me :L Just a bit of time filler that in the end i thought i would upload.

I lol-ed so much when I read the end-game message

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rollies responds:

Its the power of the shape tween my friend.

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1.62 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2012
10:24 PM EDT
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