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Author Comments

You are lost in a world of invisible blocks, but these blocks cast a reflection. Your only hope of escaping is to use the reflection to see where to jump!

If you get any lag or slow reactions by the game you can download it to your computer here: http://bit.ly/HxpY3m
This should make the game run faster


Yay! front page! cheers

If you think you've played this game before try playing shift and visible. You will see the difference :)


Controls: Arrow Keys/ WASD/ Spacebar


First of all the gameplay and the idea was awesome and after a bit it was difficult enough to be a challenge. The level editor was also amazing part and was really fun to mess with but you need an area to submit new maps to so people can play them; otherwise you will find posts on here with something like this:

You should play my map(yes this is really a map I made and its not fake for the example so really try it and stuff...)

bx3y23zbx5y21zutx7y19zdtx19y19zbix17y 19zbix9y19zdsx9y14zbvx13y19zeix10y0zu six21y19zusix23y19zpix22y16zbmix24y16 r20zbmix28y16r9zusix25y19zusix27y19zu six29y19zusix31y19zusix33y19zusix35y1 9zusix37y19znetix37y22zutix39y17zbmix 41y17r19zbmix36y13r0zbmx51y15r0zbx55y 23zbx55y20zbx55y17zbx55y14zutx57y12zu sx40y23zusx42y23zusx44y23zusx46y23zus x48y23zusx50y23zusx52y23zevx10y0zevx1 0y0znwtvx5y15zbix5y14zbix7y14zbvx55y1 6zbvx55y18zbvx55y21zevx10y0zevx10y0ze vx10y0zlsvx19y21zlsvx19y23zrsvx7y21zr svx7y23zbix71y23zbix71y21zbix71y19zbi x71y17zbix71y15zbix71y13zbix71y11zbix 71y9znetvx69y7zbvx71y7zusx57y23zusx59 y23zusx61y23zusx63y23zusx69y23zusx67y 23zusx65y23znwtx57y14zrsx35y21zrsx35y 23zbmvx58y12r20zbmix59y10r20zbmix60y8 r19zbmvx59y6r17zdsx23y21zdsx25y21zdsx 27y21zdsx29y21zdsx31y21zlsx33y21zrsx2 1y21z

I liked it. I had no difficulty with the controls or lag on my end.The graphics were simple but nice, I liked the music, and the idea was neat. First time I've encountered something like this. Recommending this to one of my friends who needs some platforming practicing. Only complain could be the length, i finished this rather quickly all in all, but still enjoyed the time I was playing it.

Try beating this.

lsx15y23zpx4y23zusx29y23zusx27y24zpx7 y21zpx2y18zusx31y24zusix4y21zlsx15y21 zlsx15y19zlsx15y17zpx2y14zex21y16zlsx 15y15zlsx15y13zpx6y16zdsix28y7zpx5y11 zex11y11zbmx26y11r20zbx42y11zrsx16y21 zusx28y13zusx30y13zusx32y13zusx34y13z usx26y13zusx24y13zusx33y23zusx35y24zu tx40y11zpx20y13zpx28y12zpx44y11zbx46y 10zusx48y9zbx38y13zbx40y13zbx42y13zbx 44y11zbx44y13zbx46y12zpx46y14zpx46y14 zpx38y15zbx48y11zbx48y13zex38y11zusx4 2y10zbx50y10zusx52y9zbx52y11zbx50y12z dsx46y14zusx56y9zbx54y10zdsx47y20zdsx 50y13zbx56y10zdsx38y15zdsix44y2zusix3 6y13zusix36y13zbx63y13zbx65y13zbx67y1 3zbx63y15zbx61y17zlsx62y15zbx63y17zbx 65y15zbx67y15zbx65y17zbx69y13zdsx50y1 zdsix54y1zbx59y18zutx57y18zusix65y12z lsix69y11zlsix69y9zlsix69y7zlsix69y5z lsix69y3zlsix69y1zbx55y20znwtx57y18zu six39y24zdsvx40y15zdsvx42y17zdsvx44y1 5zbvx42y15zusix55y19zbix53y20zbix51y2 0zbix49y20zusix69y24zlsix75y21zdsix65 y8zex19y16zex19y19zex21y19zusx19y24zu sx21y23zusx23y24zusx25y23zrsx16y23zrs x16y19zrsx16y17zrsx16y15zrsx16y13zbx5 2y12zdsix57y20zbix2y6zbix2y6zbmix7y4r 20zutx48y0zutx65y14znwtx69y15znwtx67y 17znwtx54y11zbmix72y19r0zrsix60y18zls ix75y15zlsix75y13zdsix64y18zdsix62y18 zbix44y0zbix60y1zbix58y1zbix52y1zbix5 6y1zpix71y15zpix73y11zpix72y21zlsix75 y17zlsix75y19zlsix75y23zutx48y1zpx27y 20zusix37y23zusix59y0zutix75y3zrsix70 y0zrsix69y15zpix73y7zlsix75y5zlsix75y 7zlsix75y9zlsix75y11zrsix70y5zrsix70y 4zrsix70y2zrsix70y6zrsx16y24zdsix36y2 zbx36y18z

Great game love how you used the reflection to solve levels. Good Job

play my level :

bx4y23zbx6y21zbx8y19zbx10y17zbx12y15z bix14y13zbix16y11zbix18y9zbvx20y7zbvx 22y5zusx24y5zbx26y5zusix28y5zbix30y5z usix32y5zbix34y5zbx36y5zbx38y5zbmx43y 5r13zbx52y5zbx48y5zbx50y5zusix46y7zus ix42y7zusix40y7zbix46y9zbix42y9zlsix5 3y3zlsix53y0zbix42y11zbix46y11zbix42y 13zbix46y13zutix44y17zbix46y15zbix46y 17zbix38y19zbix36y19zeix20y23zeix25y2 3zeix1000y23zeix15y23zbix36y24zbix40y 19zbix42y19zbix44y19znwtix46y19znetix 40y13zbix40y11zbix40y9znwtx6y23znwtx8 y21znwtx10y19znwtx12y17znwtx14y15znwt ix16y13znwtix18y11znwtix20y9znwtvx22y 7zbix34y19zbix32y19zbix30y19z

Though this game is well polished. I only gave you 3.5 since it is unoriginal.
You did a pretty good copy of [Vision] by aethosgames.
In the future, Make your own ideas for a game. :)

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Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2012
5:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other