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You are lost in a world of invisible blocks, but these blocks cast a reflection. Your only hope of escaping is to use the reflection to see where to jump!

If you get any lag or slow reactions by the game you can download it to your computer here: http://bit.ly/HxpY3m
This should make the game run faster


Yay! front page! cheers

If you think you've played this game before try playing shift and visible. You will see the difference :)


Controls: Arrow Keys/ WASD/ Spacebar


I agree with Chessplay about the nintendo era difficulty, except for the fact you can jump way more than any nintendo era game let you, it is quite fun though, no real complaints to be had.

Really good game,
there are no design flaws with which to blame the difficulty, it is a game of precision and does not accommodate if you're "close enough". Anyone from the Nintendo age would appreciate this. I wish there were more levels, but I guess the level editor is a good enough remedy for that.

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Give it a go!

Amazing Game! Just like, super awesome man. Good Job!

In a sentence: Minor design flaws and limited content hamper what is otherwise a reasonable game engine.

Taking the basic premise of a platformer where you must watch both a top and bottom screens, and applying some interesting filters to make things look blurry, seems interesting in theory. Unfortunately, the blur made it unnecessarily difficult to tell where edges were. This could have been an intentional design decision, because most of the difficulty seemed directly tied to the physics engine and severe distance.

There were some oddly-detected collisions. The circular enemies would kill you unless you perfectly landed on the top of their heads. This almost seemed like a square was used to handle the clipping, and made a few deaths seem unfair. The spikes were also rather inconsistent as to whether or not impacting a side instead of tip would kill the character, although this was only really noticable in level 10, where touching a side was necessary; half the time the spike would outright kill me, and the other half it was safe.

Beoyond that, the game's story mode is short, preferring to rely on user-generated content rather than provide much length. Calling it "Story mode" feels unfair, since the story seems to extend as far as making tangential to useless comments at the top of the screen. All told, it seems more like an engine than a full game, with a few levels thrown in as a demonstration.

The game has a fixed-distance that shows an entire level at once. This is not necessarily bad, but because of how small everything is, it can feel like you need to lean very close to your monitor. This can be mitigated somewhat by zooming in using my browser's ability, but that caused some substantial slowdown. A smaller slice of the screen may have been a better choice here.

Also, I don't think naming your game "ReflectioN" spelled backwards was particularly clever, but I've also loved games which were named things like "Epic Shooter Starwish" and "Time Fcuk", so this is truly a minor complaint.

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3.92 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2012
5:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other