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Snowball Ambush

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100,000 10 Points

Score over 100,000

500,000 25 Points

Score over 500,000

Ambush! 25 Points

Survive AMBUSH mode

Survival! 25 Points

Outlast the BULLIES in SURVIVAL mode

1,000,000 50 Points

Score over 1,000,000

Author Comments

Alrighty, thanks for the reviews so far. Keep 'em coming.
-SO, I'm still not sure why some people's scores aren't being posted, but I changed the way in which the game posts scores to NG. Hopefully that fixes it.
-Also changed how medals get unlocked. Hopefully that fixes THAT.
-Added a visual of scores from your last round and your highest score saved into the Scoreboard screen. Your highest score saved might be reset (just on your computer, not the Newgrounds leaderboards).

Oh noes! It's Winter again and those pesky BULLIES are ambushing innocent pedestrians with snowballs.

Use the arrow keys to move
Toggle "Q" for quality

You get points every time you don't get hit by a snowball. Your score gets multiplied by your multiplier whenever the hourglass resets. The higher the level, the more points per snowball.

Grab as many multipliers as you can
Get "close call" bonus multipliers by passing near snowballs

It's a fun little high score game. Play. Rate. Review.


ok so i got a high score...... like 600000 pts. but it didn't record it in the highscores list :c

That shit matters to me man. This is a highscore oriented game right?

ItsTheAshtray responds:

It matters to me too. I made some changes, hopefully it works now. Although I'm still not sure why some people's scores get posted every time and others don't.

good but i have a idea you can upgrade speed health and power of snowballs and bullies have better snowballs like fire snowball snowball that follows you anti speed snowball etc.

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ItsTheAshtray responds:

Yep! Cool ideas. Maybe I'll work something in to a sequel. Or if this game get's big enough I might convert it into an iPhone thing and add a bunch of new features.

Good simple game you have here, the style of the game is awesome and the music fits the style. The game play was okay, a little to simple for me. But in all was a success

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Thanks! I'm glad someone mentioned the music. Put a lot of work into that.

Not bad. I would like to be able to see my own score after i lose though.

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Whoops. That's an oversight on my part. Gonna add that tonight

Simple idea, very well executed. Only thing I found lacking was a proper explanation of how the scoring in scoring mode really works, eg. how multipliers add up, what breaks a combo, etc. Even if you wanna keep it out of the game itself (so that it retains its simplicity), a description under the author comments section would be nice.

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Good idea, Thanks!

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Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2012
5:39 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid