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DJ BJ - Jungle Job (SMD)

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Author Comments

This is a music video I was hired to do by DJ BJ. The song is called "Jungle Job (SUCK MY DICK)". I was told not to spend more than 1-2 hours on this one, and to make it crappy but yet somewhat viral, so that's what I was aiming for.

If you like the music, please visit https://www.facebook.com/ISAYDJYOUSAYBJ and support those two young aspiring artists.

Also, if you want more of their songs, you can find them on Newgrounds, right here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/480631

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So, a flash video that was made crappy on purpose, for a very crappy song. Hm. I have to say, for just 1 or 2 hours of work, this actually looks quite good. If I would spend 2 hours on a flash, all I would have would be a stick figure, doing nothing, haha.

Anyway, the song does have it's funny moments. For example "Dinosaurs! I don't know....".

Other than that, there really isn't that much appeal to me. But if that's what you where aiming for... you've done a good job.

I really don't know how to rate this. It was done crappy on purpose and it is crappy... so you've done a good job, but it's still a crappy flash movie. So I guess I will just rate this with 2.5 stars.
But it does remind me of some videos you could see on Newgrounds in it's early days... so I give you one star extra for nostalgia reasons. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

Psi43 responds:

Oh yeah definitely - that nostalgia thing was something else i was aiming for a little. I used to love those animations back in the day that mainly consisted of photos.

Also - yeah it was supposed to be crappy - but also fun to watch, so that'd be something you could also rate it for ;).

Thanks a lot for the review, very much appreciated!

I found this to be entertaining and funny at the same time since the singer is pretty much telling all the animals around the world to suck his dick including animals I don't think would be able to such as dinosaurs and birds, which makes it funnier.

The graphics were mostly just cutouts of animals and a guy moving everywhere on the screen with rainbow and neon effects applied to the plush dinosaur at times. The backgrounds were cool and the flashing text isn't very fast but still good anyways.

As far as fixing things up goes, possibly reduce the width for this flash a bit since for a good majority of the flash you see white on the sides so maybe reduce that by at the most 3-10 pixels to see if it makes the white on the sides got away. It's not shown the whole time but during some parts it can be seen. Also could add a final frame instead of having the animation loop, that would be nice.

Overall, humorous and funny music video.

Review Request Club

Psi43 responds:

Oh, the animation looping was actually done on prupose. That way, people who enjoy the song, can listen to it on loop and those who don't can just exist ;).

Thanks a lot for the review though, I appreciate it a lot! The thing you said about the white border thingy - this flash was originally animated in 720p for youtube, which means i had to resize it and that turned out to be a pain in the butt to do sadly, I noticed that white stuff myself, but whenever i try to resize stuff my computer is close to dying because of all the stuff this flash contains.

Although this was quiet humorous and the beat was really good in my opinion, the was a crackle in the music every now and then which I didn't like at all, it was disrupting the music and made it unenjoyable. Hope this can be fixed next time.

Psi43 responds:

A friend recently informed me that this was caused by the music being too loud, I will try to fix that as soon as possible and update the .swf. Thanks a lot though :).

For a project that was aiming for a music video that was supposed to made in 1-2 hours and crappy, I must say that it was pretty well done.

The cutouts of images put onto the backgrounds suited the style, as well

Psi43 responds:

Haha, yeah I always seem to be good at animating something alright quickly, I was just never good at taking a long time to make something amazing. Perhaps that means I can't do amazing animations.

Either way, thanks a lot. Also, at first I was aiming for a completely different style (I will send you a PM with the first animation draft I was going for), where I was drawing the animals instead of having them cut out, but DJ BJ told me to do it differently ;).

this is cool B]

Psi43 responds:

Thank you!