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Ivan vs Mutants : CE

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You live in far north. Sometime you see strong light in sky. After that all around you gonna crazy, and tons of monster want to eat you.

Full Name: Ivan vs Mutants - Chilled edition.

The game is to kill all the monsters that create aliens.
With each level you will be attacked by a terrible monster and more huge.
Movement of the standard WASD and aim with the mouse.

- BONUS! 10000 coins on FunnyMonster.Net and 3D4udovishe.Com ONLY!
- Upgrade pistol. (it will shoot faster. You can save ammo of other weapons).
- Buy -Loot-. (from monsters drops more gifts).
- Buy -Armour-.
- Buy a first aid kit and make it to upgrade.
- Energy line is: Red = very little energy. Green = 100 percent. Blue = 200 percent.
- When you upgrade weapons increases the speed, power and number of bullets.
- When upgrading med kit expands on the number of energy recharged up to 200 percent (increases up to the blue line of energy).
- Fences can be broken grenades and rockets.
- Play our newest game "Inglorious Soldiers" powered by IsoLand Engine on funnymonster.net

Change weapon: Spacebar or Shift. (Use mouse to highlight needed weapon. It will be selected after you release the button mouse.).
Aim: Mouse.
Fire: Left click mouse (Ctrl, Numpad 0).
Move: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys (Z,S,Q,D).

Shortcut keys:
1. Pistol.
2. Shootgun.
3. Autogun.
4. Mechinegun.
5. Grenade.
6. Cryogrenade.
7. Bazooka.
8. Cryogun.
G, END: Throw grenade.
H, Home, Enter: Medkit.
E, Delete: Pistol shot.

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Gawd, my name IS Ivan... :o Good game though.

If the character would not constantly get stuck in fences (of the 3rd Level), I would continue playing.
That and the upgrades are kind of expensive and grinding fer money is boring.

This game is close be a really great game, but it has some major issues. First, the character moves to slow. Second, upgrades need to be made cheaper or loot needs to come in greater amounts. Finally, the way that the screen toggles make my character move like he's drunk; that needs to be stabilized (IMO).

Too easy and kinda boring. Well made though.

Damn I have to give this game a 2.5/5 which really upsets me because I really wanted to enjoy this game!

The graphics are really good, the sound and music are spot on but the sluggish gameplay, tedious waves and expensive upgrades kill this game.

You hardly get any money and all the upgrades are quite expensive for how much you can collect in a level. Or maybe its just the earlier levels because I could not bring myself to play through the 8th wave of the second stage because I just kept hoping this would be the last one but had to stop. If I to guess, this game must have 8 stages with 10 waves each or so? Thats way too long for me.

I had trouble seeing the health bar due to the "more games" button on the bottom and the health indicator changing from blue to green to red was just confusing at first and I had no idea how much health I had. I think a bigger health bar or a percentage style health indicator or even just placed somewhere more visible may benefit this game.

The guy moves too slow and the speed upgrade costs $5000 which takes like 10 waves or so to get to, unless the later stages money is more easy to come by but I don't feel like playing through 30 waves of sluggishness to get there to find out.

Tossing grenades is horrible, they toss so far and never hit any enemies since they're all running right at me and right next to me most of the time due to this.

Also the AI appears to have path finding issues and will typically wind up stuck behind trees, building or fences and blend in with the ground which makes it hard to spot them and sometimes they won't even budge a bit with you near them.

Final comment would be to use this engine for a part two but with zombies. Best of luck on your future projects as you have quite the potential to make a great game.