8-Bit Mario V Angry Birds

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Watch this epic astronomical clash between the legendary plumber (Mario) appearing on all Nintendo platforms from NES, Wii, DS, GBC, GBA, GC, SNES, VB, DSi/XL, 3DS and Wii U, on a suicide mission to battle it out with the iPhone award-winning overrated smash-hit exceeding up to half a Billion downloads across all mobile platforms iOS, Maemo, MeeGo, HP WebOS, Android, Symbian, PSP, Playstation3, Mac OS X, Windows, WebGL, Bada, Google Chrome, BlackBerry Tablet OS, Windows Phone 7, Facebook, Google+ (Angry Birds) for just...

Three eggs..


haha I luv angry birds and mario mario wins all the time :) lol

make angry birds V angry birds space it will be awesome!

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In all honesty, I like Angry Birds and Mario, but I think a friend of mine stated that if they were to actually combine the two, the world would probably explode.

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make a video called minecraft vs. skyrim

Can i ask you why my last comment has been deleted? I mean, it's not that it matters a lot, or something. It's just that i know what i have said, and might not have been nice, but it still remained as my own opinion. Plus there were comments from people who said a lot of unnecessary rude stuff, which wasn't even meant as a reaction to the video.

So i'm just wondering why of all comments on a video where people can tell them what they actually think of the animation MINE had to be the one deleted.
Unless all the rude comments were deleted, and they only kept waiting until someone said something nice without meaning it.

hako responds:

FYI I cannot delete comments.

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Apr 13, 2012
12:39 PM EDT