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Dungeon Faller 1.3

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Author Comments

the character is no longer fixed in motion, you have the option of allowing him to stand still on platforms
added combo meter, when full your next attack will heal for 3 battles worth of damage
changed music

Welcome to Dungeon Faller! The game that combines fast paced platforming with the addicting nature of dungeon crawlers. By default the controls are up down left right, space to select menu items, and 7, 8, 9, and 0 can be used to activate items during gameplay. Please keep in mind this game is in it's beta phase, and I therefore cannot attest to its perfect functioning, please be patient with any errors. Feel free to e-mail me about any bugs you found at thekrimsonkrusader@hotmai l.com. Enjoy!


You control your hero as he drops through the collapsing cavern. The game is completed by simulating battles with on-screen monsters, to engage a monster simply run into it. The game will calculate your chance to hit based on the current level and your weapon level, if you win you will defeat the enemy, and lose a small amount of health. If you lose, you miss the enemy, and will still receive damage. You can buy a bow and arrow to hit distant opponents, however you will still take damage. You may purchase bombs to clear the screen of enemies, this will however deal 2 battles worth of damage to your hero. Use them wisely!

Up: Navigate up in menu, activate cape ability
Down: Navigate down in menu
Left: Change direction
Right: Change direction
Space: Select a menu option
Enter: Set a key binding
7: Alternate key for cape abilities
8: Fire an arrow (only if you have a bow)
9: Use the item in item slot 1
0: Use the item in item slot 2

These key mappings can be changed, and will be saved upon doing so. Please do not forget your new bindings, or forever hold your peace!

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Really digging the new patch. New music adds to the awesomeness as well.

not a bad game. i would suggest making the controls not so sticky, adding different costumes for the character, and slower, more controlable screen scrolling, but otherwise, s'alright.

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

First of all, I don't know what you mean by sticky controls. Secondly, the hero's appearance does change as you buy equipment, and lastly a slower scrolling screen would simply make the game easier, it's supposed to be challenging.
But thanks for your opinions.

pretty cool. i know that i've played a game similar to this. i rated it 4 because of alot of things that you coulda done. a changeable place or multiple levels would have been cool. also if you had added something like 3 chances, instead of accidentally falling or missing a platform. i liked that you added different monsters and the music wasnt bad either. i didnt really play long enough to buys the upgrades, but they looked cool. i am looking forward to a second game from you. not bad not bad at all.

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

Try career mode, it has everything you're talking about. Arcade mode also has multiple levels if you play enough, there's 20 levels in total one of which is the boss of the game. You have to unlock a lot of the upgrades.

You've clearly put a lot of effort into improving this since the first version I saw on NG. I couldn't find any bugs in the game play. It's much more enjoyable now that you're not in fixed motion. I really like the visual style, it reminds me of games I used to play back in the NES/SNES days. I'm quite impressed with this game. Seeing as this is still considered a beta in your description I can't wait to see the final version. I have a few small suggestions. I can't seem to figure out exactly what dictates when a level ends. I'm not sure if it's reaching a certain depth or killing a certain number of enemies. It's not a big deal but I think it'd be an enhancement to be able to tell either how long a level is or what you need to accomplish to finish a level. It took me a couple tries to figure out that the green door in the shop was the exit. If the guy tells you I might have missed it. If he didn't I'd suggest that you either put an exit sign on/above it or have the shop-keep tell you it's the exit. I quite like the music and sound effects, they feel quite nostalgic to me, though a mute button might not be a bad idea for those that like to listen to their own mp3s/music while playing games.

All in all this is turning out to be a great game. I really look forward to seeing the final version and future games from you.

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

Thanks very much for your review! I'm glad to hear you've been following the project and are content with the development. If you look on the HUD underneath your coins you will see a little bow and arrow, this is how many enemies are required to be killed to finish the level. It is easy to miss :p