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Brofox Assault

rated 3.67 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Apr 12, 2012 | 4:12 PM EDT

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Author Comments

In this debut flash, Fox and his crew tackle the struggles of the lylat system. Friends are made, lost, and mutilated. Love is in the air, and wolf's a bit of a dick.

Enjoy :)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

quite funny, but you need a better microfone or get one step away from mic.

Brojack responds:

but I like it LOUD


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was quite reminising to egos old work, but in actuality its one of the few ego type parodies that sound the closest to him kudos to that.

Its like 5 years ago, if you would of made something like this and Called it like fuckin' awesomefox assault and put inspired by Egoraptor at the start or beginning you would of gotten alot of props but in this day and age, people flip the fuck out over copying.

Like, egos done the sloppy, drunk, one take stuff something im quite fond of and have been doing sense 08 but No one knows, because no one looks into stuff, everyone just assumes and moves on.

Lets make a list of just what egos done

-Drunk takes, slurring, lazy editing, jump cuts
- Cherry and cream shading style
-Random faces and Screaming
-souly frame by frame warped anatomy

Now what are you left with? fucking' nothing. If all flashes were bland one dimensional cartoons that never broke reality, never broke away from uni-formal anatomy, simple voice acting, perfectly
well crafted, youd get something like Family Guy and by god NO ONE wants that.

Its just, There have been HUNDREDS of cartoon shows that have warped and broken the laws a cartoon to me isnt ment to be this straight style, a cartoon is suppose to be a fucking rubbery trip on a runaway acid train. Ren and Stimpy, Rockos modern life, FUCK even SPONGEBOB did similar shit to ego.

Ego came to NG in what 2006? and Ego has inspired hundreds I know this may sound stupid but Didnt Edd fans do the same thing? And people never shit bricks when similar edd flashes appeared in the portal. Its just mind boggling.

Really, you should just home your style, keep at it...yup.

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Brojack responds:

Oh my god. Were the words that sprang out of my mouth when I saw that Spazkid himself had posted a review on MY flash. And what's more, he's not bashing my animation mindlessly for being similar to egoraptor's. I am left absolutely speechless :D
Even though I wasn't trying to copy egoraptor, in the end, this piece was ridiculously similar to his work. I agree, hundreds, if not thousands of people before egoraptor have used this comedic, crazy, loud style, and whether or not you include it in your animations is a matter of preference, not a means to gain fame.
If this had been similar to any other author on newgrounds, people wouldn't be flipping out about it. It just seems they get very defensive when it comes to egoraptor.
You guys said it yourselves in your collab project 'egorapture', which I loved by the way, that whenever something similar to egoraptor pops up people freak the fuck out and act like it's a crime against humanity.

Being one of my massive animation influences, it is absolutely mind-blowing to have you compliment my piece like this, as 'Street Fighter Chode' is my favourite animation of all time and I even modeled wolf's voice after the general from it.

I've had to hold back the tears as I read your review, as I am absolutely overwhelmed for the support you've given me, as one of my inspirations.

Thank you so much, Spazkid, and I'll make sure to impress you with future work!
Adios :')


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Chillin, kinda funny but, for some reason it lends to much semblence to the Awesome series.

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Brojack responds:

Happy you thought it was funny man, and yeah I'll agree it ended up becoming too similar to the awesome series, but it was unintentional. Sorry if that made it less enjoyable for you.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


....Anyway, the vid was alright. I added an extra star for you squealing the Starfox theme at the very end.

Brojack responds:

Really? I myself thought that this animation had nothing to do with the actual game, but I didn't spoil the ending.... that much :P Hey man glad you enjoyed thanks for watching :D


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This...This Tastes like Egoraptor!