Brofox Assault

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In this debut flash, Fox and his crew tackle the struggles of the lylat system. Friends are made, lost, and mutilated. Love is in the air, and wolf's a bit of a dick.

Enjoy :)


pretty much the same as the guy below me
copying but still not bad

Ok so the first time I watched this I've think "this is just plagiarisim". After a few days I've rewatched it a read the Spazkid's comment and...I still think it. I agree with him in the hypocrisism of some members (When 4 years ago 2 millions Ego tribute when published most of them have gotten some weekly awards) but...It's...Still...Copying.

Also, I really hate Egoraptor's earliest work, it's just unimaginative screming with ridiculous poses who is making the cartoon forced. This cartoon was particularly annoying and unfunny. So why am I giving you a 5? Well because some of the jokes has potential but were not funny in this style, the animation was ok I mean it's your first movie and Animation is a fucking time-consumming things so ok...Oh and the loud starfox at the replay screen make me laugh.

You have a LOOOOT of potential, just trying to find your own style. Even if you didn't know your cartoons are like...Egoraptor. Spazkid's cartoons really look like Egoraptor but the author alse had his own personnal touch...Sorry but here I don't see any personnal touch seriously.

PS: Plagiarisim isn't copying or stealing jokes...But when the style/art/humor were the same i think I can tell it's plagiarisim.

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This is obviously heavily influenced by Egoraptor. Yeah, it's a good imitation, but I'd love to see you develop more of your own style. You obviously have talent, so don't waste it sitting in someone else's shadow.

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It seemed alot like Egoraptor's old stuff but worse animation, but it was funny enough for me to give you this rating...

This just isn't funny or well animated. It was just an assault on my ears with the constant screaming and explosions... not dissimilar to a Micheal Bay movie.

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2012
4:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody