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Magic Steel

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Experienced 25 Points

Upgraded to the 5th level

Master 25 Points

Upgraded to the 15 level

Nimble 25 Points

Maximal jetpack upgrade

Veteran 25 Points

Upgraded to the 10th level

Warrior 50 Points

Full shields upgrade

Wizard 50 Points

Full manna upgrade

Freedom 100 Points

Kill the boss

Author Comments

The master of robots and your God is intolerable tyrant. Get up off your knees and put an end to it! Let nobody stop you on your way up. Slay your Tyrant to be free. Use the jetpack and magic to destroy your enemies in this action platformer with rpg elements.

version 1.02
bug fixed - The Main Menu button on the ending screen does not seem to do anything.
Music by Jun Senoue, Atsumu Miyazawa, Yoshiaki Kashima, Teruhiko Nakagawa, Tatsuya Kouzaki.
Sprites from Metal Warriors, Front Mission and other snes games from site.


I noticed the ripped sprites from metal warriors strait away. not good.
also there could have been some more variation in the backgrounds/environment.

apart from those things, i found the game responsive and enjoying

As many people have stated here that this game is a complete ripoff of Metal Warriors, I was very dissapointed when i found it out. Seriously, this game is good for spending some time and so.... but i believe the only thing that made the game be on front page are the graphics, which were shamelessly ripped from the original MW. I am very dissapointed right now, you must have no shame. How long it takes to write off some text into the game giving credit to creators of MW, hm? Really, next time just do regards to authors of these sprites, will you?

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Fun for a few minutes, but all it did is remind me of how much better of a game Metal Warriors was. I think i spent more time and had more fun playing 2-player Metal Warriors than i have with the multiplayer of any other game except Mario Kart.

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I've been an enthusiastic fan of mecha-oriented games since my childhood and recently, thanks to the Internet seemingly infinite kindness, I have played a lot of titles which were unavaliable in those early years of my life, I feel grateful. While I was doing my sort-of-periodic round of Newgrounds titles, I got captivated by this very thumbnail, unable to recognize its original source, but nonetheless thinking of it as a Super Famicom-oriented homage. Imagine which kind of a killjoy did I feel later on, not only through previous reviews stating the rip-off condition of this game, but also thanks to the gameplay itself.

I'm all up for the simple arcade tropes. Sometimes you're not ready and willing to play a somber, narrative-oriented kind of interactive fiction, but just a sane, ole' plain game, one that asks you to mash a few buttons and giggle a bit with the ensuing, pixelated carnage. The backstory felt quite silly, but I went unimpeded and scorched my way through the meagre 8 or 9 levels (I just lost the count).

The powerup system was simple and easy to get through within the first uses, but I (purposely) made the mistake of choosing that horrible diagonal-shot while I already had the flaming wall, only to be never prompted again about regaining it back. I should've felt dissapointed, but I was more than concerned about the ripped sprites stuff.

See, I love them some Metal Warriors, Front Mission (and the afflicted Gun Hazard, from which a lot of local menaces come from), Assault Suits Valken and even the hentai-tainted Night Slave from the PC98 which, by the way, are all hard nuts to crack in terms of difficulty. Not only a handful of art assets where stolen from a couple of those games, but also Steel Magic was really easy, making no effort to wince or nudge at those original titles. Short and straightforward levels, unchallenging enemies (save for those little asshats that use to hide a lot) and experience can be exploited with the "Restart" button or even dying, which leaves some of the NG medals as tedious chores. Sorry to spoil this as well, but the last boss, the God of robots, is mind-bogglingly easy to beat even without using some *ahem* Magic...

And before I forget it, "Steel Magic"? Like I said, I don't mind playing games without a single hint of explanation, aside from the truly basic goals, but this could have been named instead "robots with upgrades" and wouldn't be hampered at all.

Rip-off state apart, the music is not appropiate as some users have already said, and you could save your time not trying to get too far in this title, as in the end you'll just get a Frank Herbert quote and a no-way-back, seemingly bugged screen.


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I can't get behind a game that uses ripped assets with no credit to the original games.

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Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2012
8:55 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun