i saw her standing there

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A Hero of a BF 5 Points

Complete Act 1

Girls and Guns 5 Points

Complete Act 2

stay together FOREVER 5 Points

Complete Act 3

These Heads 5 Points

Click on both the Credits Heads

Experimental Tendencies 10 Points

Play with cheats

Feelin Soft 25 Points

Complete a no-gun-run

Tough as Undead Nails 50 Points

All levels on Xtreme Mode (no easy or crazy cheats)

Author Comments

UPDATE: Frontpage? ~4.1/5? 25K views in under 2 days? You guys all rule, thank you so much :D

By popular demand I've released the music soundtrack, you can download it here: www.bit.ly/iSawHerMusic (sometimes NG throws a space into the URL, just remove it if it does)

Also, I'm confirming that I AM going to make a sequel. That's all thanks to you guys.

Enjoy, thanks for viewing <3

This is a game about zombies, guns, love and dealing with your girlfriend when she turns into a zombie. Also it's about jumping on platforms and not falling to your death. Maybe there's pancakes in there too, or the ability to fly.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Space to shoot. Esc to return to the menu.

If you hit any bugs, PM me and I'll get onto updating that soon as I can. Enjoy <3


One of better games i played here.

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A simple platformer with some minor puzzle elements about one man and his true love.

Who is a zombie.

The story follows this man and his zombie love throughout their hardships as man and zombie, with him avoiding all of the other zombies to get to her, and put her in a cage. (kinky.)

However, upon tirelessly putting her into the cage, he ponders his life with the zombie. And then he accidentally the lock on the cage. Is this bad? No. No it isn't. For what was once man becomes zombie, and the two go off happily celebrating the end of the human race and making pancakes.

Overall, a fun and simple game. To be blunt, it is a simple time-waster, but then since when is a game not exactly that? In truth, the game is an embodiment of the word simple, with only two controls and a mere handful of colours used, it even looks simple. But I couldn't imagine it being any more. The game feels smooth, and there is some replayability in that there are 'cheats' unlocked after finishing the game through a first time where you can make other zombies jump and such, but it isn't a game with anything to come back for after a first play. The music also complements the simplicity of the game.

So then, 'i saw her standing there' is in some ways a classical love story with a twist. It's short, sharp, and simple. But this isn't a bad thing, and its certainly a good game. If you need something to ease your mind, or have 15 minutes to spare, then go ahead. It'll be 15 minutes well spent. It also has pancakes. And that's never a bad thing.
4/5 stars.

TL;DR? It's a simple game that will keep you busy for 15 or so minutes with its story. It's not something you'll come back and play again, but it sure is a good 15 minutes spent.

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krangGAMES responds:

S'cuse me while I quote this on my site. Great review, thanks so much :)

simple graphics - enjoable music - zombies. what a great game.
no seriously i really like it. obvisously it's more of an art game with a touching story and puzzly elements and not an action shooter as most of the zombie games out there.
but this is what i liked about it. good work.

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krangGAMES responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed, yeah it's definitely on the narrative side versus action. But hey, what better way to make a game more fun than by throwing zombies and guns in it?

this game is adorable and i love the music

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4.27 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2012
5:12 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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