The Dollhouse

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The first video game I've ever made, created in a week for an independent study project, the Dollhouse is a short point n' click RPG horror game. Click on the images and words in the correct sequence to move throughout the story and decide your fate. enjoy...

Also in the beginning of the game you must click on the house or the woods, this was cause by some technical difficulties with the buttons and text. Also in the game you must click on an image a second time after the first to exit out of it, this includes the light switch in the beginning. Please let me know if you have any other problems so I may fix them in the remake and add alternative your choices on here.

The Story:
Lost, you enter a strange house and have your soul ripped into a dollhouse. There you learn the terrible story of an insane young girl who killed and devoured other children to preform witchcraft. Unable to stand by and watch the demented child continue to wreck havoc, her parents hired the local doctor to kill the young girl. Enraged by their betrayal the child possessed her favorite doll and the dollhouse she adored in life. The family left, tormented by the haunting voices and sounds. Now, mad and lonely the witch has taken your soul and trapped it within the body of a doll. You must destroy the witch before your time is up and you lose your body forever, for a witch must have a living body to complete its power.


Good concept. I don't really understand what I'm supposed to be doing... I found the pan! Um.. Beyond that the second room doesn't seem to hold much except another doll, which I should beware. Really good concept though and I look forward to playing the game again if improvements are made!

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ConinRi responds:

Thank you. :) Also the second room is supposed to give you a look into the story through the maids eyes. Thats why she'll flash on and the note on the fridge is supposed to be written by her. lol, yes beware the evil dolls. The improved game is gonna be even more awesome :D (though I know do not know when I can release it my plans have been pushed way back.)

Amazing game. At one point I cursed at a doll because it was so cute. Make the second part soon or suffer, I can be rather impatient.

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ConinRi responds:

I'm glad you like it and I shall try and get the remade version of this and the second game done soon, yet it seems the deadline may be extended because I am running into some problems. Let's hope I can get passed them soon.

To short have a part 2 if its gonna be this short like your the doll and she is lose in the person who curently owns the doll and you gotta warn people but how?(i`m gonna let you think it out)
seriously i`ve played it and got all 3 (4?) endings.

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ConinRi responds:

The game will be longer when it's remade, yet I am also planning on making a sequel to it where you begin where you ended in the last game. I don't want to release any details, but whatever the ending, you will encounter the witch again. There are the two endings, and five ways to die (clicking on the dolls only count as one). :)

I love games with freaky premises like this one, but the gameplay is a bit broken.

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ConinRi responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I will be posting a remake of this game in mid-June or July where the gameplay will be fixed and there will be more depth to the story. I hope you will check it out.

This had a lot of potential.

The lack of a soundtrack took away ambiance. The crude effects lessened the great photography. The point and click nature was misused. The concept is a puzzle, not a peck and hunt. You should make hints and goals. Instead you made click, fail and restart. Let's be brutally honest.. the ending sucked. Keep creating, you show much promise.

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ConinRi responds:

I agree with you about the soundtrack, there was originally one but it broke the buttons when I tried it adding it causing me to run out of time so the soundtrack was removed along with most of the audio. In the beginning when you first click on the phone before entering the dollhouse you can hear what sounds like static, once in the dollhouse you were supposed to hear a young girls voice in the phone but the audio broke the button so I had to remove the phone audio. I love this so in the remake I'm going to make this drop dead amazing, I'm guessing between school, upcoming work, and projects this may not be released until the summer (June or January) and I hope you will enjoy the remake with the soundtrack I may produce.

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3.11 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2012
7:43 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click