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A Goomba's Life Ep 5 (S2)

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Apr 11, 2012 | 5:27 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Legend Key
. (Skips to next scene)
, (Goes to the previous scene played)
p (Plays the movie)
s (Stops the movie)

Subtitles are now optional. For Subtitles Drag your mouse to the top right of the screen. You will find a Black Dot leave you mouse placed on that dot and subtitles will be on. If you want the subtitles off just drag the mouse away.
(I'm very noobish with action scripting to that caliber)

*Episode Description*
Robbie has dealt with Tails since day one, but finally the most shocking event in the goomba's life is about to unfold and he will stop at nothing to get the dirt behind it. Even if it will kill him. Exactly what is Robbie trying to find out and Will it kill him?

*Author notes*
New Frame Rate
20 - 24 FPS

New animation skills (Special thanks to YoshiF)
New Locations
(All Backgrounds are animated)

I would appreciate it if you would leave constructive criticism something that will actually help me for future episodes in the series. Please enjoy the episode.

*Special Credits*
Because Newgrounds is buggy with the Author lists.

Voicegirl - Voice of Tails & Marine the raccoon.
YoshiF - Betatester and Additional Animation.
SXR123 - Betatester



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Notbad at all

That was very nicely done. There was alot of great value to this Movie, but there were some weaker points that could be addressed aswell, that will be explained later but as for a start to this, this was pretty impressive to start. So as for a sprite flash this was actually notbad, and its nice to see some sprite flashworks now and then so glad i had a chance to see some of this, Backrounds looked pretty nifty and that goes along with the graphics as the detail did show up somewhat in this, Voices were notbad, actually better then i expected, so there was some good quality there, and really made it more enjoyble throughout the movie, Story was notbad either, I found it to be interesting but again could use more depth and even more understanding to it all as some parts were just too off the wall, Overall I found this to be a pretty good movie had some areas where it can be worked on, more explainedbelow, but for the mostpart it was pretty good i thought.

There are some improvments that could be made, here are a few suggestions, some effort on your side will only make this even better. So give these options a try. But i would suggest some ideas of improvment i would start with the story seemed kinda crazy at times and didnt know what was going on, You may even want to add some "SUBTITLES" making it better to understand on that aspect of things aswell,

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DemonicDragon93 responds:

Thank you for review. The movie does have subtitles but i made it a option for someone to drag there mouse over it. if they wanted it. I'll identify that more closely in the next episode


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a really good sprite movie. You make use of the sprites in a very good way. The animations look pretty good. Also, there's a lot going on most of the time. The backgrounds are pretty good, too. So, in the graphics section, you've done everything right in my opinion.

The voice acting is very good as well. All voices sound very realistic and the voice quality is top notch as well. No static sounds or any other noises that don't belong there.

However, I found the story to be very confusing. I could laugh a few times about the random things you threw in there every now and then, but on the other hand, those random things confused me even more...

Anyway, overall this is a very good submission!

{ Review Request Club }

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

This one seems to be even better to me. Reall y funny yet nice seeing Tails having a date.

The graphics were sprites so that was good. However during the part where Rob went down in the pipe I felt that the pipe could have been moved down a pixel so it is at the edge of the blocks.

The story was funny since Rob felt a need to follow Tails around and see how his date was going and ended up being bandaged because he just felt like following him everywhere.

The songs heard were rather nice and fit well. The credit music, I still like it as well. The voices were good. The yelling Rob did when falling could have been louder but I notice you don't seem to do that much, I take it you live in a place with lots of people so you try not to be too loud with your voice acting.

Overall, I felt this was nice.

Review Request Club

DemonicDragon93 responds:

You hit the nail on the head. I live in Barracks (I'm in the U.S Army so I can't scream to the top of my lungs as i would like to. The biggest scene i was concerned about was surely the carnival scene with the pipe but it isn't to bad or negative threatening. So i'm Glad the results came out well. Mostly positive reviews from The RRC who are like the only one's who seems to review things right. Thanks guys


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It seems like there are improvements here from what I recall fo the last few episodes that I've watched, which is a great thing.

What needs work is the volume levels for your various voices, as some of them are drowned out by others and with musical cues in there of differing levels, I keep having to adjust the volume of my computer, to cope with this, which does distract.

Subtitles could be better utilised, to combat the quieter voices, but when the Goomba is talking and in the background, Yoshi messing with the computer is drowning out the forward dialogue, this does negatively impact the piece.

Using at least two references from mainstream cartoons is risky, particularly with the cut to Adam West from Family Guy, laughing, but also Malfunctioning Eddie from Futurama shouting "WHAT?!", can be a little too far. Perhaps sticking to the sound alone, as opposed to the animation will benefit the whole production more.

The fourth wall break didn't seem too bad and I still managed to keep up with the plot of this one, so it's a step or two in the right direction.

[Review Request Club]

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DemonicDragon93 responds:

Hey Coop Nice to see you reviewing again. With the Volume Control. The Biggest problem i have there. Is i live in Military barracks and I can't really speak up as loud as i want but i'll take the chance from now on. When it comes to the Mainstream cartoons. I don't like to Abuse References from Mainstream cartoons but i feel i can get some slapsticks from it randomly.

When it comes to the Subtitles I was trying a Different Mechanic. The Previous Episodes was forced. I got these subtitles Optional. I got to keep control of the volumes with sfxs. But as always your reviews are professional and Very helpful. I appreciate all the reviews you've done for so far.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked this one, good work

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DemonicDragon93 responds:

Thanks. It was a lot of hard work. I'm glad people who viewed it enjoyed it.