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April 11, 2012 –
April 19, 2019
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Author Comments

- Reload the webpage
- Try updating flash to the latest version
- Wait for it to load! its 18 Megabytes, just keep it in tab and check back in 2 or 5 minutes (10-15 if your internet is really bad)

50 thousand view update: Newgrounds OS X Special Edition will be out in a couple of months! (currently 03/04/2013)


Hey guys this is when I was new to flash, it was when I didn't know much coding too, I seen that there hasn't been a good old windows parody in a while so I just done this.
Thanks for your support, this is version 2.0, it has lots of glitches but I can't fix them,
Have fun <3

Check out "Newgrounds OSX"
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/595589

So I thought I should give this a better description so I did.
Welcome to the final version of Newgrounds OSX, the worst operating system around.

If you want to put this on your site, feel free to PM me ;).

You can in version 2.0:

-Goto Media player and listen to some Hip Songs by Stamper , gamejunkie, etc.
-Encounter lots of easter eggs
-Make an account
-Save your progress
-Do AOL instant messenger
-Connect to the internets
- The list goes on....

Have fun, thanks for all the positive feedback.


Not that interesting to be fair, when i was trying to shut down, an error appears (this happens the same when logging off) i was going to put a 2.5 star rank but due to the easter egg being Rick Astley, i placed only 2 stars just for this occasion, i wish this was better soon as i started this "game" but...this is how life goes anyhow...

<deleted> responds:

Rick Astley was funny back then you prick

Damn it Newgrounds OSX Error 404


Too many errors?! LOL! all my 5 eyes its cool!

Te diré cómo desbloquear todos los logros (de los Huevos de Pascua) * Alerta de Spoiler * Huevo de Pascua: Presiona '' Versión 2.0 '' Huevo de Hitler: Sigue presionando el tobogán del Tanque de Newgrounds y aparece Hitler, tócalo y listo. Secretos> :-) ¡SOY MALO HAGO SPOILER SIN RAZÓN! Que ja ja ja ja

How to get easter egg medals? I really want to know!

<deleted> responds:

You will never know >:)

Error computer has scanned a virus. delete virus?

These Windows Games Are All like Pretty easy

omg the music!!!!!!!!!!! XD

This is awesome, it's like simulator!

Entertaining little gadget! Oldskool NG logo included; all those classy Window-mocking potentials. Thanks for teh medals!


I've seen things like this before. Nothing new. Then again, it's from 2012. 2.5/5

<deleted> responds:

If you don't like things that are have been done before, get ready for a shitty life my friend :(

fun game but one medal didn't show up even though i got it?

<deleted> responds:

The bugs are part of the game in a way :P

To get the Internet award, click on the Firefox icon, wait a few seconds, then click on Connect to the Internet.

Got all the medals~

Man, this was a cool game. Old, but cool.

<deleted> responds:

I hope my grandkids describe me like that :')



<deleted> responds:

sequel soon!

to get spam'd medal click on the computer picture at the bottom, then press drive a, then keep clicking ok to all the errors

This game is amazing!I unlocked all medals!I unlocked all medals!

<deleted> responds:


how to unlock Spam'D Medal?

<deleted> responds:

dno I made this game ages ago sure theres a guide somewhere

its ok

<deleted> responds:

thakyou sir

Not bad

new account: found the hitler guy but no medil :(

<deleted> responds:

click him dude

Фигня.Пэинт хотя бы поставили туда

Reminds me of the old Internet *sniff* I miss those times.

<deleted> responds:

yep that was the look I was going for!


Got all the medals! & This is the best simulator evvvvuuuuurrrr!!!!! OMFG FUUUUUUUU AMMA DIE WID ITZ GREYTNES!!!!!

A fun little simulator of all those classic computer errors and failures. And free medals. :D

<deleted> responds:

Medals are always free they don't cost any money?

I'd Buy dis Computer in a Heartbeat

the best game :P

SO FUNNY 10/10

Fun simple game. Found Hitler, tried clicking on him a few times, still no medal. Broken. Otherwise, enjoyable and good choice of music!

If you click on the version you will get rick-rolled. Period.

its EPIC!

lol this is funny. not the sort of game you have a goal and try to beat, but a good parody of all the troubles we run into with computing technology and the internet. i like it

its ok kinda funny 2/5

lol this is funny its like error then a error

Looks Good I Only Have 2 Badges Left To Complete :) Heh Nice I rate 3.5/5

i cant get the easter egg medal

PERFECT! But I found Hitler and I didn't get the Medal

Easter Egg do not works! :(

This reminds me of Windows 98 for some reason...
Still, got alot of laughs from it, so thanks. Great game.

give you 54 stars for:
-r__k r__l easter egg
-hitler dude
(TIP:the r__k r__l thing only who find easter egg knows what is)

internet in the beggining.3.

I like it

Lol, this is actually pretty cool, great job!

it loaded for a long time but it was worth it

Soooooo cool and funny love the music :D

It won't load for me.

<deleted> responds:

- Reload the webpage
- Try updating flash to the latest version
- Wait for it to load! its 18 Megabytes, just keep it in tab and check back in 2 or 5 minutes (10-15 if your internet is really bad)

If it still occurs I will send you the .SWF

Dick Clubbin' too funny



dick clubber is def my new favorite song lololol

sooooo slow

for those who dont know how to use a computer
this point "n"click game is useful as intructions manual

Very fun and entertaining. DEAR GOD STAMPER'S SONG LYRICS. Extremely hilarious. Good sound. Fun medals. Easy to get. Nice concept.

LOL!!! Click that car symbol it will be fun

<deleted> responds:


I miss old ROBLOX

<deleted> responds:

I just noticed that when I press quality I don't see much of a difference, lol.

viruies really

songs about dicks what a game

Hilarious! And no, I did NOT give this a great amount of stars because of Hitler... Seriously, who does that? *looks at reviews* Oh...
Anyway, great job! I really like this one.

<deleted> responds:

Oh deeeeaaaar

People giving this game 5 stars because of Hitler.
This game is just to give you extra points on achievements i guess.

No stars for it.

lol hitler!


da fuq, how does trash like this keep getting high scores =\

Hitler under the tank lol

click on the version 2.0 to find the easter egg

I found the secret medal egg, not spam'd.

How to get it:

Open windows media player.

Right Click and press Play.

It will open the messenger.

When you register, on the second loading screen, right click and press play again.

Here. you will see some too funny boy there.


<deleted> responds:


Those songs on the computer O_O

*Hitler* MEIN KOMPF(uter)! XD A joke I made up


All badges :D

Awesome Game But The Desktop Medal,Error 404,Notepad,Remembered,Cannot Connect to the interweb,Created a Account,Lose Money,Spam'd, Hitler Egg but I can't get Secret Badge :(

Hitler behind a tank

It's all plain. Nothing comes up. Come on. Is it my computer, just REALLY REALLY slow, or is the game just another FAIL?

<deleted> responds:

Its your computer, but I guess its a sizey game, 17mb...

hitler behind a tank wat does it do?


'gets hit by a PC'

LOVED IT. great job to everyone involved.

click on a tank and drag it and you found hitler! press it!!

<deleted> responds:

Please keep it out of the comments.

dam i beast dis game

click version 2.0

Best game eva! Got all the medals and I feel awesome! Thanks 4 making such a great game!


Ugh, so buggy.


WOW IT COOL!!!!!!!!

this game is very cool. i love how that you made this game. It is Quite good. Keep up the great work. Peace out.

Pretty decent but has a few bugs.

<deleted> responds:

I will fix them all in 3.0


Very buggy but fun:)!

The beta is better.

<deleted> responds:

Not really.

meanie! you made fun of tom fulp!

<deleted> responds:

I stay up at night regretting that, I had almost got that out of my head with constant therapy.
Thanks for setting me back 2 months of hard work and dedication.

I've got the Hitler medal! Heheheh, the game wasn't all that good, but kept me distracted for few minutes. Needs some work, but it has chances to be a good game.

lol how do i get secret medalsh :3????

<deleted> responds:

Ask in the Wi/Ht forum or video game forum.

Didn't interest me in the slightest.

I cant get a easter egg :( GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!

<deleted> responds:

... :(

Thanks for the trophies <3

THIS IS STUPID . needs alot of work .but good for trophys

<deleted> responds:

Have you tried my newest game?, oh and this was when I was fairly new at flash.
And you have never made a flash.

Medals not trophys, now get the fuck out of here.

dumb game but i got all medals so i will give it 5 stars :P

<deleted> responds:

dumber then spit :)

nice game...

Awesome mandog!

pretty neat thing you made there

hmmm not so much....


<deleted> responds:

If its really a problem
Left click and press play.

And check out the newest game.

LOL Hitler Egg
This game make me laugh laugh and laugh
but...I think you can make this better

hahha!! slow motion drugged rick roll!!!!!!! XD

cool but how do you get the first secret medal ??

I gat all medals ^_^

<deleted> responds:

Awesome, first time someone never complained about them

can someone tell me whats the firstr secret medal:( i tried almost everything and only this medal are left.... pls pm me if u know it !!

i enjoyed this dude, and thanks for introducing me to 6 in a row by stamper, that made me laugh the most by far

i dont know why thats so funny

<deleted> responds:

Don't know why your so gay bro

Great upgrades from when I first played weeks ago. :)

did someone say shutup to me on this game?

Did I just get creepy error rolled?

I don't understand.

<deleted> responds:

No you got rick rolled

I think this is a mildly entertaining OS parody. There's not much to do or maybe I didn't discover everything. There are still a few medals missing. But I just wasn't motivated enough to go hunting for the other medals.

Also, that sound when you move your mouse over the objects in the lower bar (is it called "task bar" in Mac OS as well? ^^) is just annoying.

{ Review Request Club }

Well this was certainly entertaining and funny. Kind of makes me think this is possibly what some people see on the internet when using a much older computer and browser of any kind. Pretty funny still though since you get errors and blue screen for almost anything you do.

The graphics were alright since most of it was Newgrounds related and the songs were all done by Stamper. Errors and humor were everywhere here it seems.

The game play seemed ok and when I moved the tank I saw that character there but the tank moved back too quickly to click on him. That and the audio thing said press the up key but when I did so I didn't really see anything happen, was it supposed to give a medal when that was done?

Seems a good amount of creativity and humor was put into this. Hopefully if you do this again maybe you can add a feature that plays any song from the audio portal. Would hopefully make the filze size for the flash smaller.

Overall, funny parody of an old Windows system that has Newgrounds all over it. Nice work.

Review Request Club

<deleted> responds:

The up key was supposed to take you to an easter egg , I don't know why it doesn't work.
And when I used to use windows ME , this is my experience basically.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get the FROG POOPING 9th and last medals?

Great game. If only it had internet! :(. Damn errors...

<deleted> responds:


last medal is there is a error error error error

OMFG i love this game great job!

This is awesome xD You should try making it an actual thing, though.

Thumbs down

The game is pretty bad and it won't let me mute that annoying sound when i hover over icons.
Don't play this game.

Just a lazy way to get easy medals for something too simple and frankly not very fun

While it may not be the worst computer OS parody I've ever seen, it's certainly not the best.

This game starts with a "setup" screen which has a very nice background, but it's ruined by the interface, which is very unorganized and doesn't fit in at all. You could have at least used something more interesting than a solid color and a color that doesn't contrast with the background as much as white did.

After the setup screen, the player is taken to the desktop, which has another very nice background, and the interface actually looked good with it this time. A few other things bothered me, however.

Many of the images used in this game were of poor, grainy quality, especially the "X" button on many of the windows. It's also worth noting that sometimes the "X" is partially covered to make it look even worse, and there's one part at which the error messages are partially off the screen, another problem that looks terrible but should be easy to fix. The bar at the top of these windows (though some of them didn't have one of these bars at all) looked pretty nice though; they just need improvement with organization, their backgrounds, and that "X" button.

The "ERROR 404" screen was simple, but that's realistic, so I won't say it's a problem. However, the blue doesn't cover the screen entirely as it should. A small crack of the desktop is visible. This just makes it look mediocre. Another thing that looked mediocre was the image of Hitler, which was not only a bit grainy, but a white outline was visible. The error messages weren't very professional either; they appeared to have been made with a sort of error message generator.

I think you could have worked harder on the visuals that went with the music, especially the rickroll. The rickroll only had an irritating two-frame loop of a photoshopped image in slightly different positions. As much as I dislike the usage of videos in flash, it would have looked better if you had used the whole video, a simplified animation resembling the video, or even a single frame drawing of Rick Astley. Any of these probably would have looked better.

With the other audio used, you only had two basic loops, one of a gradient that changed color and another of multicolored lines. I'm sure you could have made them fit in with the music a little better.

By the way, you spelled "encountered" wrong, lmao.

The sound that plays whenever the mouse is hovered over the buttons at the bottom of the screen was too loud and got very annoying, especially since the buttons could be clicked on even while beneath something else.

Other than that, it was nice to be able to listen to music while playing this -- even if half of them weren't my kind of music -- but considering this game's massive filesize, you may want to remove a few. After all, they didn't really contribute anything to the humor.

I've seen several computer OS parodies before, and the first few were funny, but now, most of them have the same overused jokes. As far as humor goes, this one certainly doesn't have anything new; I don't recall laughing once. I'd say the humor was actually more poorly executed than it usually is in these games. The rickroll was even more overused than any of the typical OS jokes.

It was nice to have some easter eggs, though. I only managed to find two, and I didn't like the rickroll, but the Hitler one was nice despite being a little easy to find. I think it's better if in-game hints aren't given, though.

There were quite a few problems here, the biggest of which being that I could click buttons that were underneath other windows. The ability to move some of the buttons could get irritating as well. Finally, the 404 error that appeared every once in a while wasn't humorous at all, just annoying. It looks as if you didn't even try to put any sort of joke there; it's just an error.

Scarcely graphically appealing, never humorous, and often annoying. This needs quite a bit of work.

- Review Request Club -

<deleted> responds:


You got a half star for Rick Rolling me, effing love that song.. Pretty good flash though, it's not the best but it seems to run good, keep up the work. :)

Not bad

This is the first flash by you that I've ever actually taken seriously, mandog(15). Every time I watched a submission of yours I felt it hadn't had much thought put into it, but this is an exception. Either way, this won't contribute to the judging, they're just my thoughts ;)

The art: The art was okay, I mean, the art that you didn't make was good, but the ones that you did make (the rectangular buttons, etcetera) were just not too good, but not too bad either; just mediocre.

The sound: I didn't feel the need for the audio selection to be so much, I mean, 2 is more than enough, but 5 is just too much, and to add to that the file size -- probably because of the music the filesize is close to 18 MB! (You're lucky the redesign stepped up the limit to 20 MB) That pretty much makes it hard for anyone with a slow internet connection to load, of which thankfully I don't. As for the sound effects, they were truly unnecessary; they were loud, and because of the drag-able nature of the buttons, whenever a window was opened and the button was hovered on, that annoying "Bup" sound effect played. And it's loud.

The concept: The flash was pretty much like every other "Computer OS Simulation" game I've ever played. It's not at all original, and the flash was pretty much like the others in that they "crash all the time", or that they "are annoying", etcetera.

The gameplay: I think this was supposed to be funny, but I didn't see much of it in there. The Newgrounds tank was draggable, of course, and snapped back to its original place, but you could bypass that by pressing TAB and releasing the mouse button when the tank was surrounded by a yellow rectangle, and click the sun to get the Hitler easter egg medal. The AOL messenger thing was annoying (I assume you did that on purpose), but apart from that, the rest of the things (notepad, shut down, etcetera) were like every other. The "rick-roll" was okay but as far as I know it could've been accessed only by right-clicking and pressing play. On the topic of "right-clicking", you could've implemented an anti-context menu so that people won't "right click and play" to access hidden content. Either way, the medals were generous, and I'm missing only 2 medals now.

~~ Summary ~~
~~ Good points ~~
1) Good attempt at parodying an OS (I *hope*)
2) Generous medals
3) (First "serious" flash) (Not counted)

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Loud sound
2) Bloated file size
3) Large selection of audio (see above, 2)
4) Not "tamper-proof"

[Review Request Club]

<deleted> responds:

I went on quality so therefore there was a big filesize.
I have a good internet connection I didn't realise.

And I used this ad on for flash to make the audio a very low size but still have good quality, it is still in alpha and it is invite only, but the sound was about 1mb (including the songs and buttons) so I would not worry.

This game 's awesome can u make 3.0 ?

<deleted> responds:

Sorry but no, I am working on a new game, 2.1? probably since there are some bugs.

that was strangely entertaining :))
sometimes tho instead of an error message showing up on the shut down log off etc it shows the error message about losing my money.
im only lacking one medal!! >.< i dont know what else i could do. haha.
this parody was very fun indeed. and yeah, the rick astley thing definitely creeped me out o_o

<deleted> responds:

When version 2.0.0 is uploaded you can get the last medal, its funny really.

Good. But the fake microsofts are better...

<deleted> responds:

What makes this a 'real' microsoft?

AAAH I got the Hitler easter egg! :)
this game was hilarious cant wait to see more xD

haha funny X)

LOL omg the rickroll scare me the fuck up

My computer is in love with this one

Good and funny... but I need to know how to get the medal between 'SPAM'd' and 'Easter Egg'. (PM me, plz)

<deleted> responds:

Sorry, find them yourself.

Everytime I open this game I always see a running tank :), nice game by the way. Hope that you can make games as enjoyable as this or..... MORE ENJOYABLE!!!, I can only say one word!, "AMAZING"!

<deleted> responds:

If you like this wait until version 2.0 and the sequel!

yea who love it

I've seen a couple of these games before, and I must say, this one was truly enjoyable. I would like to point out, though, that the error # for clicking all five buttons on the right are the same, meaning that the 'unknown error' would be the same as the error message after clicking 'Get money.'

1. VLC, Quicktime, or some parody on a video player.
2. Minesweeper (Every space is a mine, or spaces are improperly numbered, etc.)
3. Applications Folder (A random list of generic apps that either do or don't work or redirect to something else entirely (something inappropriate after clicking an 'innocent' app would be hilarious)
4. Time Machine (Backup Files Folder): Perhaps after a virus invades the OS, you could create a horrible 'restoration' program that will completely butcher the OS (appearance of the desktop and file icons, function, everything) even more so than it already is.
5. Powerpoint and Spreadsheet: Perhaps an 'animation' (like a flipbook) or a visual novel in powerpoint; personal financial information in a spreadsheet.
6. Limewire: Anything goes with this one :)

Overall, I thought this parody of an OS was hilarious. I'm looking forward to the full version!

<deleted> responds:

thanks I'll try to add loads in.

Nice Job Mandog. I can honestly say this is probably the first of these games I have actually enjoyed. I normally just hit the '0' button when I encounter them. But this was well thought out and well presented. And I got all the medals, that's always a bonus. Keep up the good work my friend.

Cheers gamejunkie.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review gamejunkie.

Hahahah these OS parodies never get old.

No matter how many times I see these I always get a good lols out of these. Mainly because you'll never know what you may find. It's just a damn good hunt for all the surprises. That said I love it!

As for suggestions...Hmmm how about a Skype application, Free Porn (But crashes when it's almost loaded,) Microsoft Word and Paint. Thats about it.

<deleted> responds:

I can guarantee paint, and Notepad is kind of like word and porn is a maybe.

I can't find the first Medal! DX

ha !
i found the Timmy medal :D
now the first hidden medal is the problem :P

This is hilarious.

All we need is a blue screen- I mean Sad Mac screen of death.

<deleted> responds:

Good suggestion, I am in progress on at random times when you visit your desktop you get a virus alert, now I must add this muahaahah!

we remembered haha

haha fun new way to make a crap osx XD rated 5

Nice one. Please make more!

The tank that gets dragged...
floats right back...


This was a nice OSX beta game. The medals work. What is the first secret medal?
If you add more features, it could be a great game.

Too easy!

Really good fun just annoyed I cannot find the last medal and its a secret :( any help would be nice lol :) It would be nice to see more improvements on this game its so far so good and I really enjoyed it so thank you.

meh. played better ones of that kind.
there were some nice ideas like the AOL joke and such but not really entertaining in general.
try to put some more effort in the graphics as well.

Funny game. WHAT IS THE OTHER SECRET TO FIND! Jesus. I've tried everything. I'm guessing it's got something to do with the name you put in or serial key or ram number, or all of the above. I'm probably way off though.

I feel the secret has to do with the tank...

PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wat is the first secret medal im dying to know oh nd when i press the left key on da media player it kinda glichs out

Very creative game; original, humorous, and a little something for anyone. I wish I could give this a five star rating, but unfortunately there isn't enough content just yet to qualify. However I do look forward to (hopefully) seeing plenty more soon! This is the sort of game we need more of.

Good game, bro. Y'know, you'd better upgrade this, because it's good and you HAVE to get it to Final phase. Keep up the good work.

holy sacrosos and i dont say that about any game 5 stars bro awesome!

it's a realy funny game and free medals :)

<deleted> responds:

Free medals 4 u brah :D

it's fate is saven

<deleted> responds:


Better then some of your other work keep it up and improve some more :)

<deleted> responds:

Thanks dude, I am looking to improve my work, I hate all of it.

bad........... , its not funny at all and after 2 min i checked every feature ... it just wasted my time
i really dont see anything that could be good at that game , sorry

<deleted> responds:

How much could you do when you first got your operating system, no internet either, hmm? thats what I though.

I say this one is good!
Got (almost) all the medals except the 1st secret one.

<deleted> responds:

No one will get the first secret one, I repeat, no one.
Because it's so humorously hidden its not even funny.

It could have been given just a bit more effort.
I found that the flash itself was quite laggy. (This wasn't part of the games point though, it was choppy.)
Also, the actual game play was very sloppy, not to mention the sound effect were horrible.
I don't know if that was the point of the game, but in my opinion it could have been better if there was more effort involved when you made this.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah , thats your opinion, and I respect that and I will include many updates to make it better, right now the error's are a way of saying ''Something will be here soon other then an error'', can't garuntee anything with the sidebar ATM.
But it isn't laggy for me and I am on a dell laptop.

It was interesting and amusing at first, but then a few minutes later after hearing the error message sound enough times, it sorta got old and just a little annoying.

<deleted> responds:

Thats the joke.

This is a brilliant idea.But it really lacks depth.Add more features and I will happily give you 5*.

<deleted> responds:

I will, hence the word ''Beta''


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