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Thanks everyone who watched my previous movie
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/591666

Relativity Simplified

This movie is a joke which my friend posted on Facebook.
Hope everyone'll like it.


Nice! I liked it. Graphics and animation were good, but one thing; It lacks EXAGGERATION!
I suggest you to read the book named: Animator's Survival Kit, if you haven't already.

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TheTweener responds:

Thank you............
I've ordered the book, but unluckily the stock was over.........

lol short but funny enough

TheTweener responds:


visual/audio aspects are fine
I think you could have taken this further ie someone replies and the guy keeps replying etc.
also the main character doesn't really come off as an "addict" as much as a guy who happens to be on facebook when an earthquake hits
short but not so sweet

TheTweener responds:

Yeah.... I could have mde it funnier......
Thnks for the review

I'll be honest here.

First off, it's 2012 and it's a bit late for Facebook parodies. The last Facebook parodies that everybody on Newgrounds went crazy over was from 2009. Facebook parodies are usually unoriginal and more often than not, the same joke. This was no different.

I saw the EXACT SAME joke in "The Facebook Problem." I know you probably didn't mean for this to happen, but do you see what I mean? Facebook is so often parodied you are practically bound to copy somebody else's joke by mistake!

The actual animation? Smooth, mostly because of all of the tweens. Why is his eyes staring into space as if he is daydreaming if he's screaming that there is an earthquake?

Well, that's my advice. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm just being honest.


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TheTweener responds:

Thank you for the long responce.....
Well I said that this was my friend's post on facebook.
I laughed at it very much and thought it would be good if animated.
I'm trying to learn from all of your reviews....

lol you know what would've made this funnier xD

If he died :l

TheTweener responds:

I cant actually let him die.....
I thought so...but
I'm using the same character for my future works...
Thnks for watching

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2012
10:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody