Straight Bullyism

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You're an elementary school bully that plays by his own damn rules. Use your bullying skills to cheat your way through 6th grade in an effort to avoid boarding school.

Straight Bullyism is a turn-based, character-building RPG influenced by Fallout 3, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and The World's Hardest Game. Also, think of SB as half-game and half-cartoon, because there's a ton of cutscenes. Also, it took me *3 DAMN YEARS* to make!

WARNING: SB is a multi-part game; after completing level 1 you will be prompted to open level 2 in a new window on StraightBullyism.com. This is because the game was far too large to fit into one file, and I wasn't aware earlier of any way of making that happen. Sorry if this is annoying, but it was either that or I left the game with just one level.

Apparently a bunch of people have gotten stuck at various loading screens. You can try clicking the "Reload" button once, and then open the "Trouble Loading" window. If you see a black square, close the Trouble Loading window and wait, your game should continue loading. This may not work, so if not I'm sorry. I definitely won't ever make a multi-part game again.

Also, there's a bug in level 1 which causes the game to freeze after you accept the second or third mission. I can't fix it. However, it's really rare and highly unlikely that you will encounter it, but if you do... sorry, you will have to refresh the page and start again.

Finally, some people have reported that the game doesn't work in Google Chrome but does work in other browsers, such as FireFox. Try FF if you are having troubles in Chrome.


Levels: 3
Missions: 15 (17 including 2-parters)
Cutscenes: 28 (12:19 total runtime)
Enemies: 9 (3 bosses)
Special Attacks: 9
Items: 7
Characters: 34
Voice Actors: 8
Rooms: 24
Fight Sprites: 80
Instances of Enemies: 390
Sound Files: 235


You tried but touching people to fight isn't cool. Bullies dont fight EVERYONE they meet in the halls.

I don't agree with anyone complaining about this "promoting bullying"... I find the whole current fad of "anti-bullying" to be kind of ridiculous. It's not as if I'm for it, but I mean... It's not going anywhere regardless. However, I just found this game somewhat slow and boring. The repetitive music is excruciating also...


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I got Game Over, which must mean I'm a failure of a bully... I guess that's a good thing. Game-play is rather slow and a bit boring; the Final Fantasy style battles were also slow and visually, not really pleasing on my eyeballs.

The idea is good in theory, but it's not executed all that well. Lots of walking, the same missions, and random fights at the worst of times belittle the potential of this game. It's okay...

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Everything was going well, until i realized the game wasnt even finished... 3 stars out of 5, for 3 levels out of 5. minus a full star purely because the ending of a game is what wraps all things together. the ending is really the best part.. middle school teachers give zeros for incomplete work:/ i just enjoyed the game.. its a shame you didnt get to finish, or at least add a makeshift ending. any ending is better than no ending and an apology note/excuse. i appreciate the time put into this; 3 years is a long time. i would say thats dedication but ive heard of game developers who took much longer than that.. not only because they wanted an ending, but out of dissatisfaction of the final product, not being good enough. I wouldnt be satisfied with unfinished work, and i wasnt.

Snubby responds:

I thought the boss dying at the end of level 3 was good enough. Also the 3 levels was still a pretty large game.

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3.60 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2012
8:38 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG