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Headless Joe

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Help Joe have his head back! Take him through all the game levels, do all the puzzles and collect all the bolts for Joe to screw his head tightly where it should be!


'R' - replay;
'P'/'Esc' - pause;

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Nice, tricky game play tAMASGames. Great graphics, groovy music, and an altogether teasing challenge (sometimes not so obvious and a lil' hard). Keep creating and thanks!

This game just isn't fun at all. The graphics are great, but the way the text is written is completely retarded. I couldn't even understand it. I'm not a freaking robot. The game itself has potential, but it is a little sluggish. I seriously played the first two levels and then stopped. It reminds me of that slug or snail game... can't remember the name of it... Bob the Snail? I don't know... It's a game where you have to protect the snail from dangerous situations. That game was actually awesome and fun. Study that game and then come back. {Don't_write_like_this_It's_retarded_
and_it's_hard_to_read} I'm not calling you retarded... you have potential.

tAMASGames responds:

if you saw the text in {such_way}, it looks like a bug in the localization API. unfortunately, I can't help with that. I just used the sponsor's API. you can try to play the game again.

did the level perfectly, got one star?
the game is sluggish and not very fun
not sure about the whole headless part either
graphics are really good though and this has a lot of potential to be a great game

tAMASGames responds:

The puzzles are fairly simple. You have to be fast to get 3 stars.

Found it very reasonable to get 3 stars. The puzzles are fairly simple and just require quick thought and reflexes to get. You would seriously have to be a teaspoon or a sloth if you only got 1 star. Great game.

It is just about impossible to get more than one star. I thought it was because it was my first try but even going back and knowing what to do still very hard if not impossible on most levels to get 2 or 3 stars.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2012
6:23 AM EDT