Minecraft: TNA Part 8

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PART ACHT! Our 3 heroes and their 'wise' friend find themselves in the End Realm facing the highly feared Enderdragon! Will they survive the dangerous winged beast or will it kill them all?

Authors note- I had a lot of problems creating this one as once the file size got large enough, Flash started having issues. Cramming it down to a decent file size was another hurdle. Fortunately 8 is finally on NG! If you have lag issues with the animation, try setting the quality to medium or low.


dam this is an awesome series i wonder what happens at the end?


I have to admit. your series always made me think that minecraft was more that it is. you fight scenes, the AI of the monsters and the characters make me think that minecraft could be a lot better. however in this episode, i was a little disappointed. for starters, why was there ONE crystal? when i went to kill the enderdragon, i had to destroy at least twenty of them before i could fight the enderdragon. and from the way your fight scenes were going for, i expected the Dragon to be more creatively liberated from his true form. for example, when the dragon noticed the crystal being destroyed, that is a liberty, but i expected it afterwards to blow black-colored fire on N00bly and Yoda or fold it's wings and fire a Hurricane that blows them to the other side of the island before attacking Fart and Snake. and when it was flying to kill our heroes near the end, i expected it to do a cool maneuver such as spinning to resemble a kind of drill or flipping 360 degrees and slamming it's tail on the pillar, knocking everyone towards the ground. All in all, i'm just saying that with the Enderdragon or the Wither afterwards. i hope that you make the boss fights a lot more epic than what you expect to get in minecraft. but i guess that since you have a limited amount of time and if you're buzy with other things, you don't have time to make a long film with awesome fight scenes. i just hope you take this review into consideration when making an episode with the Wither, like when the wither is built by some random player, can you make it so that the wither floats, and implaes the player on it's spine like a scorpion and drain the life force from him, killing him? other than that your series are amazing and i do hope that you can keep working on them until minecraft stops updating (which hopefully is never)

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Ha. Take that sucker

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Apr 10, 2012
3:49 PM EDT
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