Orange Block Attack

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Get ready to draw yourself through 14 nerve-wracking levels!

Orange blocks are falling down.
Draw block shapes into the input area to destroy them. Blocks which are not destroyed will pile up. Once the blocks pile up above the grey line, you lose the game.

The game consists of 14 levels. Your goal is to survive all 14 levels and to score as high as possible. The higher up you destroy a block, the higher your score will be.

You will receive a bonus of 10 times the number of consecutively correct inputs you make. Bonus starts accumulating after the second consecutive input. The number of consecutive inputs accumulated can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen. When the bonus bar is full, fill all blocks in the input area to remove a row of piled up blocks.

Pause the game at anytime by entering the Menu.


All in all, not a bad game. I don't quite agree with everyone else though, it is reminecent of tetris, but not quite. I will admit that I had the tetris theme running through my head as I played it, though.

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A very nice and fun game. I don't know if this is an original concept, but if it is, we have a winner! It was something different from any other game I have played. Very enjoyable and good for passing time. The little additions like the bonus, simple graphics, and a resume button at the main menu made this game even better.

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This is a really clever idea for a game. It's well made in every way.

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Though it's obviously inspired by Tetris its gameplay is totally different. Quite original and funny, and surprisingly similar to the GUI of the game I'm currently making. Graphics and sfx are sober but fit the game and I second the choice of using no soundtrack as I hate to have music in this kind of games.

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Interesting game concept perhaps have different kinds of puzzles or maybe harder difficulties otherwise quite good

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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2012
3:13 PM EDT
Skill - Other