Banished A

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The animations in Banished Collaboration A were made for the 1st round of 3 of the NewGrounds Stick Showdown Competition in the Animation forum.
Round 1 - Professional Category : Eviltie, Oxob3000, ArmorStick, LuccasBode
Additional intro and outro animation by Eviltie

Our theme for round 1 is "Banished". A telekinetic man, a master of all nature and one whose force has no limits escape the mob that is chasing them out of their village.

Don't forget to check out our new "Review" section in the menu if you're a fan of the competition. You get to see who wins and why and maybe learn a thing or two if you're an aspiring animator. :)

I would also like to take a moment to express my gratitude to our friend. Over the past few years I've met many talented animators in this project. I can safely say he was one of the most dedicated and creative of them all.
***In memory of Luccas Bode***

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage and daily feature! :)

I noticed a lot of you guys were wondering what happened to the purple character. The thing is the participants had to choose one of the 3 characters to animate. Nobody chose the purple one. The most common reason was that he was harder to animate.


Do not put faces on stickmen... it looks grose... what was the pink guy for?

need purple guy action... other then the last line..

the purple guy didn't fight at all, like wtf...

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Oh wow, is Luccas Bode like the 3rd NG animator to die in like the past month? That's so sad and so weird. These are just kids we're talking about. It ain't right for them to die.

I was gonna critique his animation saying you could see stars behind the dark side of the moon like you could see right through it. But I feel bad about critiquing him now.

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Omgomgomgomgomg that was awesome
:) :3 :> ;}

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Apr 10, 2012
2:39 PM EDT