Destroy the School (Demo)

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I always hated high school and this was a way to ventilate. I am out of there now but its nice to do something for the poor children who still have to go. The layout is exactly like my old highschool and hopefully I will add some cool features like bosses and stuff in the future. For now just a couple of levels.


Well it's been over 5 years since I posted this, and as you might have guessed, I do not really plan on ever finishing this. For those of you that found the locker scene offensive, or non functional, I apologize. I really only added this scene because I was first learning about how to set up a shooter sim and wanted to test it out. I am going to try to hunt down the original fla file and maybe update this, but it's highly doubtfull. To tell you the truth, I had completely forgotten about posting this, and then I received an email asking if it was done yet ;)

Other Notes:
The music is from the soundtrack for the movie Hackers.


Very Interesting...

Very interesting action-adventure game about school destruction. A must for every student...

i got stuck on one part

well i hate school so i wish someone would do that to my school


goog game i just got done with my last day of skwl and i liked that

Cool, but its still just a demo

This game was cool if you ever get to make the actual thing I'd love to see it.
Since this is only a demo and is very short I cant rely give this a great rating(I dunno if you think that a 5 is good or bad but w/e :P) but I think if you make the full game it'd get alot of high ratings. I do hate school but again its not such a big deal breaking a cuple of things in a school :P. I hope the full version is awsome though. :D

could be better

could have been better but is still very fun mabye if you added more features and more secrets i have been playing this demo for months now and i am getting bored. when is the full version coming out and when because the demo was very amusing and i bet the full version will be better

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2.82 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2000
7:44 PM EDT
Simulation - Other