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This is a game I made several years ago; I just decided to upload it for the heck of it. It's an underwater combat game where the objective is to destroy enemies and earn as high of a score as you can. It includes leaderboards which are periodically reset.

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I like it!

Not bad, keeps you entertained for a little bit. music is good, and graphics are okay. when those Red gears or what ever they are come in it gets right intense and I find my self dying constantly. I hate it how the power ups stay in the white area its like the biggest tease ever.

Extra lives don't work, there's almost no reason to move from the starting point as the enemies appear to all spawn a little too high.

Rhuno responds:

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback; I appreciate it. What issue did you have with extra lives? They work fine for me and no one reported any issues with them during testing. Also, the game difficulty ramps up as you earn more points. The middle is safe in the beginning, but not when the later enemy types are introduced.

nothing terribly new or original but the core game play is good though the screen clearing bomb really didn't need to be dimensional or destroy the items and the menus are somewhat confusing they should just be ordinary labels play, controls, help and leader-board(s) etc also the leader-board doesn't need to be reset and you can only view the top 5