Hentai Hop

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Hentai Hop is a puzzle based platformer with a sexy twist.


When you jump on the blue boxes they will turn red. When they're red, hit the purple switch to remove the selected boxes. Use this mechanic to form stairways and pathways, this will enable you to reach previously unreachable boxes. Remove every box and expose the sexy image in the background. Each level gets progressively more difficult.

This is a Mature rated game.

Controls :

Arrow Keys - Move
Ctrl - Jump

Note: Don't screw up or die on level 3. There's no restarting.
Additional Note: Level 3 is almost too easy.


I will use the music for my new game! HexaHop the game! I have to tell ya, he's a hexagon who made him. And he wants to go to space and face the acorn Maniac! Can I use your music for my game?

All I can say, the amount of times I wanted to rage quit, but couldn't because I knew I would never be able to get passed level 1 again.
Amazingly, addictive and ball-bustingly frustrating game.
And terrific music. *happy dance!*

lol maybe it's not so fair to make guys work so hard for it
if a guy wants to see the good stuff, i'll just let him haha ;)

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even though the game was short , it was very tricky. lvl 2 may have been too hard, but it can be over come. too some time trying to find out how much and how far you can jump. lvl 3; just as you said "is almost too easy" once you know how to jump and how far to jump, it then becomes easy. nice game, wish it could have been longer.

its too difficult to be an enjoyable adult game we just want to see the pics and not have to work so hard for them XP next time you might want to make it a bit easier

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2.89 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2012
2:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle