Tripod Attack

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Humanity is a virus that occupied this poor planet. They replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy their environment. It's time to clean up!

Use mouse to burn enemies. Note that you can burn projectiles too.


Whew, finished to the end. Felt like the cool menu wasn't really worth getting every achievement over. I thought it was fun enough to play to the end, but was disappointed with the simple end screen. Thanks for the upload.

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Great for such a simple game. The cool menu makes it really fun to mess around.

1) You don't have to be a jerk, there was a nicer way to say that, and 2) DUH! The sound is obviously from MASS EFFECT 3(the reaper sound). Must be to young to have heard of it. :) Have a nice day.

Really good game. I agree with ViperKilo when he said it could've been a reaper, but I understand why you couldn't (copyright). Nevertheless Really Good Game. Though I kinda hate the fact that its a little to easy and we cant control the tripod.

Make a sequel with a story-line and a movable character. I'll be looking forward to what you do with this or any game you make in the future.

Amazing game, wish there was a way to auto fire. Other than that perfect.

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I didn't have much problem with bugs, but I did get quite a lot of lags, even when I reduced the graphics to nothing.

I would like to add that the "MAD KILLER" achievement is quite fucking hard to get, it's the last one I have and I just don't manage, I always exceed to 2:18 and then rage.

Other than those it's an awesome game.

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2012
9:51 AM EDT
Action - Other