A Slight Dose of Coma

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If you want more music, go to http://www.acidplanet.com/Lounge/ArtistDetail.asp?ArtistID=112564 for some mp3's
or, e-mail me at rdmose@aol.com! Enjoy!



I did not really like this flash. Ain't sayin ur bad at flashe sor anything dude i just think ya could have done better.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Yeah, I KNOW I could have done better. But like I said, The music is the primary concern of this submission.

This sucked

The music was awful, and you're no artists.
everything sort of sucked, so don't give up your day jobs.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Wow... You've managed to write the most sightless review ever... It's your beef if you dont like our music... but...
artists? Fuck, I'm no picasso, but that wasn't anything i was showcasing...
everything SORTA sucked? We're two Ametures that tape recorded some of our music.
Not to sound cynical, but were 14. we dont have ANY jobs... Were just doing a hobby that we enjoy...


Well like u said.. i rated only the music... which i found no bog a deal... in fact... in fact i didn't liked it...
how old are u? if u are new at music then is good.... but if have dedicated a LONG time to it... then is bad

Rob-Moseley responds:

whatever... lol, the guitarist has been playing for a year and a half, and ive been playing for 2 and a half... please next time you write a fucking review... CHECK YOUR SPELLING!!! you have the worst grammer and spelling ive ever seen...


Well, it was an ad. Your music was pretty interesting. It kind of sounds like Math rock to my ears. I think you would really dig a band called Breadwinner. You should really check them out. They aren't very well known..But they rule!

This is supposed to be a review..
It wasn't that entertaining, the text was chopped off on most parts so you had to guess what you were talking about...but I don't know...Eveything that I was going to say the previous reviewer already said...Just read it twice. hah.

I thought that one of your "logos" (or whatever its called) was really awesome. It was The one that had your name, in grey, and then small text saying "A slight dose of coma" all over the place behind it. You should use that one.


It's too short, get better graphics, the Mp3 was too quiet (and I'm too lazy to turn the volume up more.)

Rob-Moseley responds:

First of all, This is a promo. It's SUPPOSED to be short. And why should we lose points on your laziness?

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2.39 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2002
2:16 PM EDT
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