A Slight Dose of Coma

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If you want more music, go to http://www.acidplanet.com/Lounge/ArtistDetail.asp?ArtistID=112564 for some mp3's
or, e-mail me at rdmose@aol.com! Enjoy!



That music was fuckin dope, i had to grab my guitar and jam along with it! good movie too,

Rob-Moseley responds:

Thanks, Im glad you liked it.

...i dunno what to say....

all i gots to say is nice guys... and for all your fucking pussys that are gunna go and say this is the worst thing youv ever heard... you havn't heard much then eh? remember... its one guitar and a drummer.... o yeah.... my comment to you guys is... great sound but when your lookin for your singer and/or bassest remember that both those parts can add a lot... or take away a lot... choose wisly. good sound.

Rob-Moseley responds:

w00t! you tell 'em, Mr. Cool! Glad you liked it. Thats why we STILL dont bassist or singer... hahaha... the previous ones haven't been winners...


well im surprised to see myself in a flash but even more surprised at the quality. its more than stick figures and tweening. and dont forget the wonderful of A Slight Dose of Coma. jk. actually the sound matched the flash seemlessley the way all the cymbal crashes and everything else fit in. i wish i could put N/A for interactivity violence and humor but sinice i cant ill just put in a 0 sorry. WOWZAS/

Rob-Moseley responds:

Oh you...! *points with both hands and winks*


The guitar part is awesome! I've just kinda started to play guitar about 3 months ago. So i really apriciate any difficult or semi-difficult music now. You guys sound really good tho. Hope you guys find a bassist and a singer. Tho I recomend you not having a large band like the one I'm in we have something like 7 people in our band or some crazy number. It's really hard to get everyone together then. But yea. It's a pretty cool song you should come out with some a tabs movie for it. That would b pretty sweet.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Glad you like it.


You guys got a nice rhythm.its not bad,you guys need a better mic and recording system tho.sounds good tho guys.What kinda guita you play.i play a les paul generaly but i own a jackson dinky,Epiphone les paul black beauty,B.C. rich St-I with snake finish,Epiphone flying V '58,Epiphone Explorer,samick 12 string and an ovation 6 string electric accoustic. how about you guys what kinda drums do you have etc.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Thanks... Glad you liked it... Haha! We recorded the song through a 1 inch condenced mic' tape recorder! w00t! The Guiarist uses a Five-string Schecter A-5... pretty bizzare, yet unique guitar. He also uses an 80's strat' copy thats loaded with telecaster electronics. Also a bizzare guitar... My Drum set is a Sonar Five piece (not Korean!!!) with a Sabian B8 crash + Ride, And Paiste Crash + Splash. I tossed the hardware and got gibraltar.

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2.39 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2002
2:16 PM EDT
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