A Slight Dose of Coma

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If you want more music, go to http://www.acidplanet.com/Lounge/ArtistDetail.asp?ArtistID=112564 for some mp3's
or, e-mail me at rdmose@aol.com! Enjoy!



I didn't hate it, and I actually liked some of the music, but most of it was pretty uninspired. That drum solo made me laugh, but I don't really feel like changing the humor score to 10. As for the flash.... it was pretty bad, regardless of the musical emphasis. As for the name of the band .... mneh.... as for my outlook of your band.... mneh... if you got a good singer and some decent back up vocals I would be a pit more optomistic, but until then... mneh... oh and just to make it clear, I wasn't laughing at the solo because it was so amazingly good. How long has your drummer been playing? If it's been like a year then I suppose I could cut him some slack. All in all, decent yet uninspired music with a rather boring and ugly flash. Cool logo though at least.

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Rob-Moseley responds:

I agree with most of what you said. The flash is ugly, yes. The music is uninspired, but I don't see that as a bad thing.

Great band

I hated the movie but I love your music, you gusy need a bassist and labels will come flying your way!!! Fuck the singer, worry about the music and get yourself a bassist. the drum solo was wicked, and killer riffs on the guitar man!

Rob-Moseley responds:

Cool, Im glad you liked it. I was considering the instrumental take, but weel see who we scrounge up before we make any decisions.


I did not really like this flash. Ain't sayin ur bad at flashe sor anything dude i just think ya could have done better.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Yeah, I KNOW I could have done better. But like I said, The music is the primary concern of this submission.

This Blows

Wow, you somehow managed to make a flash movie which completely matches the shitty quality of your bands music. THIS THING FUCKING BLOWS. Get some music talent, and while your at it, either learn to make good flash or dont waste your time making this shit. Go kill yourselves.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Wow, I can't believe someone could make THAT MUCH of an ass of himself. I can only think of one thing to say... FUCK YOU! I guess thats typical from an asshole named AL QAEDA OPERATIVE! God damn, what a fucking retard...

The music ain't bad, friend...

BUT... (there's always one of those) but the drummer, Robert, needs to work on his solos. Anyway, good luck guys!

Rob-Moseley responds:

Most of our songs were first take, so thats fair. Thanks anyways.

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2.39 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2002
2:16 PM EDT
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