A Slight Dose of Coma

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If you want more music, go to http://www.acidplanet.com/Lounge/ArtistDetail.asp?ArtistID=112564 for some mp3's
or, e-mail me at rdmose@aol.com! Enjoy!



That music was fuckin dope, i had to grab my guitar and jam along with it! good movie too,

Rob-Moseley responds:

Thanks, Im glad you liked it.

Uhhhhh... wha?

Ok, this movie made NO sense, I had more excitement watching a turtle cross the street then watching this excuse for a movie.

Rob-Moseley responds:

Uhhhhh... obviously your brain works as fast as a turtle... Made no sense? wtf! All this was was a showcase of my movie! It's not that hard to grasp...


I like the music. Make some better animation and you'll have a very cool flash.

Rob-Moseley responds:

It's cool you like it... thats all i hoped for... I plan to make one with a liile more effort.

Buh- -Buh- -BuhBobby

I liked the updated version with the interview. the drum solo was "ball-suckly awesome". u should have put my art of the band in there. you need to do another one. try sum better art. maybe use some my art of the band and animate it. do a different song too like "new song", "oingo-boingo", or "Holloween".

(p.s. "come here children")

Rob-Moseley responds:

keke lala ( ;-P )

sucks the knob

man this sucked... theres a reson they call it flash put as much effort as u put showcasing your music into your art you'd stand a chance... and being 14 is no excuse you guys suck the knob

Rob-Moseley responds:

You retard! I didnt use 14 as being an excuse! I know this wont stand a chance. ...whatever

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2.39 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2002
2:16 PM EDT
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