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Don't Cry My Love

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Author Comments

Don't Cry My Love is a game about just that, Love! Or the lack there of..
This is my take on a vertical shooter.

The program I used for the Music in this game is available at (BeepBox.co) Seriously awesome tool for chiptunes!


V 2.0 - Wrapping issues have been addressed! And, a new decision introduced. Thank you for your critique!

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Way too easy and way too short. No challange as I complete in about 30 seconds. Nice pixel graphic effect and sounds though.

as it was allready mentioned - too buggy [going off screen / no possibility to make the hapiness score positive / ... ] but i like the concept as well.
if you improve it and give it an actual plot i will try it again. keep it up!

The alignment of the tears should be fixed, and why was the score forever negative? How do you even win and who is this crying person to me?

In other words, Fix alignment and scoring system, and create a plot and ending

I think the concept of the game is some-what ok, but from what I've seen in the gameplay itself, the game seems broken. There really isn't any progress made from destroying the tears or whatever and there isn't any penalty for letting a tear go off screen or letting a tear hit the heart. Also, you can hold down an arrow key and the heart can run off the screen infinatly and you can end up losing it. The 8-bit music was pretty nice though I gotta admit.

Bfairley46 responds:

Thank you for your critique, I have made some changes I believe will make your experience more enjoyable! Again thank you.


Ok, alright concept & different approach to schmups. However you need to make it so you can't go offscreen & make a better scoring system, way it is now kinda ruins it. Otherwise it's an alright game.

Bfairley46 responds:

I have addressed this issue in the new version of the game. Thank you for your critique!