Flight of the LandOctopus

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The Flight of The Land Octopus is a strategy game. You control the land octopus, who has jumped out the window. You must help him jump back up the side of the building, avoiding hazards on the way.

Created by Robin Foster, Way Spur-Chen, and Katie Ball.


The soundtrack was actually the greatest part of this game for me. The look was cool/creepy, but the controls were off. I never knew if I was going to jump an inch or a mile. Honestly though I liked the design and soundtrack.

Game with potential, but the controls lack a huge amont of tweaking, it's very had to make jumps even on the starting levels.

I don't think you know how badly I wanted too like this game, but it's nearly impossible. Bad jumping, amongst other things (graphics and music :|) make it frustrating as fuck.

the super jump button should not be so far away from one another I could see you making it kl or something but not gl especially when its a jump you have to do for most of the levels. The controls are very akward and sometimes I can't even seem to make the easiest of jumps like the second jump in the first level was hard for me. Not to mention there isn't a clear idea whats going on so its kind of boring. More work needs to be put in

BGM is a bit annoying, and the gameplay is rather boring. Can't say it's much for me to work with.

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2.46 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2012
9:01 PM EDT
Strategy - Other