W.S1 - Easter Party

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W.S1 stands for Webdings Short 1. Most of this was worked hard on. I hope you enjoy this! Have fun, and happy Easter or Resurrection Day!


This is labled as a "short" and yet it was longer than the first episode, heh.

Anyway, I think the dancing scene was draged out for too long, so I nearly lost interest in this movie. I also didn't get why the Joystick wins the egg, I didn't even know the characters/webdings where supposed to look for the egg.

I liked the thermometer exploding at the end. I expected it to explode a bit earlier (when it first showed up), so I was happy when it finally did explode.

As I've said in my other review: I don't think anyone has ever animated Webdings before. So you have something new here. Now it's you job to use the "characters" (haha) wisely and create some interesting flashes.

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Natty23 responds:

Yes, this should've been an episode and the other one a short. The dancing scene is way too long, yes. It was also a hunt for an egg, and the first to catch it wins. Thanks for the comment about the thermometer!

okay so they're partying hard on Easter
seems legit.

what was this supposed to be
or what

this suffered the same thing as your previous Webdings episode
what happens is unclear

when the thing explodes or whatever at the end was that supposed to be funny
if so, stop relying on slapstick humor and actually write something funny
no classic movie consists entirely of slapstick humor

that part with the dancing is too long
we get it
they are dancing
we don't need to see webdings tweened across the screen repeatedly

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Natty23 responds:

It was supposed to be funny, but not too funny. When the thermometer explodes at the end it was supposed to be funny. I know, I nearly forgot the egg searching part, so it was short and the dancing was very long. And, also, I won't repeat dancing moves with same characters again. Thanks for taking the time to review this movie.

I liked the use of inanimate objects. :)

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Natty23 responds:

Thank you for your appreciation of this new series!

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Apr 8, 2012
4:49 PM EDT