Angry Bees

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Like a Boss 50 Points

Kill final Robot Boss

Pistol Passion 100 Points

Win game by only using Pistol

Author Comments

Fight through 20 grueling waves of Bee packed action! With fully upgradable weapons, powerups, achievements, unique enemies and stunning final battle with the Robotic Bee Boss!

Mouse to Point & shoot
1..7 to select weapon
8,9,0 to activate Powerups
or Mouse Click on Icons to select Weapons, Powers


Great game! I usually stray from games that rely on repetition, but I found yours strangely addicting after a while. The only problem I have with the game is that the laser is probably the strongest gun in the game, so once I made it past 8 or so stages, I could buy the laser and upgrade it to the point where I can hold down the mouse and beat a level. Other than that, I loved playing this game!

Glitch. As soon as I bought the 'nade launcher, I used it and got through a clip once, it didn't reload. I tried to switch guns, but it automatically switched back as soon as I let go of the #
It has potential otherwise

Great game. The art is fun, but the music is repetitive and a little annoying on occasion. The biggest problem i have with the game is the fact that bees don't have kings, only queens.

A competently executed defense shooter, with a unified aesthetic that's pleasant enough. The music and sound start to grate on both the ear and the nerves after a while, but that's forgivable.

My big suggestion would be to make your "hard" mode an option right out of the gate because the first playthrough (as has been said) is startlingly easy. I played the entire game, levels one through twenty, with nothing but the starting weapon, fully upgraded. I literally never touched the keyboard- no switching weapons, no using "powerups." That by itself is enough to say that your upgrade system needs to be better tethered to the math that underlies the shooting gameplay, but that fact that I was able to do the above while NEVER TAKING A SINGLE HIT is what takes this from 'slightly thoughtless design" to "actively insulting the player."

In a game like this, the durability, numbers, grouping, and defensive abilities of the enemy waves should drive the player's spending, with the potential damage and skill-based attributes of the new weapons or upgrades keeping them JUST BARELY ahead of the rising curve. The bad guys should do at least a little damage, or maybe just make it to the front door basically every round. That kind of tension is what makes a defense shooter engaging, and the only moment I experienced it here was during the big group of the undead giant things at the end of wave nineteen, and even that wasn't the tension of potentially losing control, but of maybe having a single black mark on the no-hit pistol-only game I had going.

tl;dr? Not bad, fairly entertaining, but could have been much more so with some actual challenge.

The general gameplay is not new, but it was well done and the graphics were cute. Nevertheless the game was much too short and much too easy. You don't need anything besides a fully upgraded pistol and/or the shotgun. Also you can use the fully upgraded super powers (bombs and grenades) every few seconds and watch the bees just drown in explosives. And the final boss was rather a joke than a boss.

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Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2012
3:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed