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Author Comments

This is a dialogue-heavy puzzle game about people and their habits. It might not be for everyone. Explore strange locales, meet strange people, solve strange puzzles.


This is video game storytelling done right, without sacrificing the "game" part of it.
Fixation is truly beautiful; the story by itself might not be that captivating, but it takes a completely new dimension once you put it inside the game and use the mechanics (and the world around) to tell it.
And even better, the game itself was creative and the puzzles were all quite well done.
Excellent job on this, and kudos to the composer too!

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It took me a while to realise why it was a sequel to the company of myself. Great game. In all ways.

Smoke rings are so hard to create, and so is a lovely game!
I guess you succeed where I fail.....
What I try to say is that I love the game, but it´s quite frustrating from time to time.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks, man! The smoke ring is all about learning the muscle memory to get the timing down consistently, but I'm not so good at making stuff like that fun quite yet. Need more practice...

Just in case you didn't get the game guys here what happened throughout my understanding.

The Magician throughout his whole time in the story (except for the end) was actually just a copy of himself... Looking by his grimace at the end of the game, he is just too lazy now to go out into the world and do things normally after losing his job.

F.A.Q: 1: To complete the loading screen (A symbolic cigarette showing the main character) just rotate your mouse up and down repeatedly until it dies out!
2: You CAN double jump in this game!!!
3: I don't believe the clone killed the main character in this story (or any of them) he is just saying that he basically killed her from his life, meaning he never saw her again.

I absoluteley loved this game, beautiful artwork and the best story line I have seen in ages! Thank you so much for making this wonderful game! Hope this review came in handy for you guys ;) Thanks!

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Refreshingly brilliant.

It seems like a lot of games that have come out recently fall into one of two categories; those that are original but poorly executed or an unoriginal idea that has had a lot of time and effort put into it. This games is that rare gem that shows the people who made it are clearly talented and the idea is fresh.

Early on in the game you're introduced to using cigarette smoke to avoid lasers at first this seems like a small gimmick to mask the game from being a generic Braid knockoff but as the game progresses it's clear blowing smoke and smoke rings are a well thought out mechanic that serves many uses. The platforming, aiming of the smoke, and puzzles all flow comfortably. My only complaint is that the gauge that shows when you're in the smoke range isn't permanent which is kind of annoying since more advanced puzzles rely on precise timing. It's not enough to stop this from being a unique and riveting gameplay experience.

The storyline and music lend themselves perfectly to this game. The characters are lively and organic, I genuinely thought thesphinx was a douche and his girlfriend was someone vulnerable you did care about. When I was first introduced to the therapist I thought it would be a generic Mr. Miyagi character but he actually seemed human and his death was genuinely sad. Towards the end I was worried this would turn into another lame art game where everything is a metaphor this wasn't the case and for that I love it.

A perfect game that shows originality can exist with hard work.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks so much! Glad to hear that you're as bored with those tropes as I am.

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2012
12:14 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other