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You âEU~re not strange letter X. [* 1], but it will not just cretica, for it has been specially selected font.
The game has two stages:
Stage 1-CLASSIC, normal levels will help the player get used to managing.
Stage 2-MODERN, main feature of this phase Ãf¢EU" change gravity. At the level will be bright arrows. Taking them in the direction of gravity changes the arrows ( ie, if the arrow points up, then you will fall up), [ * 2 ] and together with her changes, and management.

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random game but better than anything i could make

This game is so much fun, the graphics are good for the gametype and the 8-bit soundtrack is just, WOW i LOVE the soundtrack in this game my only downside wich is realy small is that there are no instructions wich even tho it's pretty self explanatory some peaople find it hard to understand and there could also be some buttons that you're not aware of, you don't even have to put it in the game just put it in the description.
Awesome game totaly deserves a 5/5

I saw this in the "under judgement" area and thought it seemed interesting. When i booted up the game it had awesome music right off the bat and the look of it wasn't too bad. the game play is a simple get some coins and go to the finish which is ok. It has some good obstacle along the way just to make the game harder. Later the game lets you direct gravity which is a fun little part in this game. Those were the good things about this game, now onto the things you can fix in the future. The first thing i noticed is that you character is a still letter "X" that you move around with you arrow keys. This is me being picky but i would expect something an tad bit better. I'm fine with the character, but I at least want some running or jumping animations. Another thing is that even though you can move you jump in mid air, you could add something where you can control how high or low you jump. Again, this is just me being picky. Something interesting you could add is upgrades or at least the ability to change the look of your character. It would add a replay factor to see what new upgrades or looks you could get. Now that i think about it, all the thing I thought you should fix are just me being picky... Oh well ... It's a great game though.

There's really nothing interesting in this game.. I wish you could do better mate.. it's just to boring people could really loose there interest quite quickly..

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2012
3:42 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle